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Author Topic: Silvia Siski Cardiff Bay  (Read 1225 times)

https://www.adultwork.com/3670061 or https://www.adultwork.com/silvia+siski

Lovely nice big natural breasts on this girl, her profile sates she is in Cardiff Bay.

No feedback through, but for £60 for half an hour may arrange visit!

2 review(s) found for silvia xx linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Have had a reply back and looks like in the Overstone area, hopefully it won't be bait and switch  :hi:

Online mr big

Latvian on profile sometimes translates to Romanian oh no

Was think the same MrB, but going to give at try for £60 which is a gamble but the tits look fab and I am up for a visit today  :lol:

Offline aazbo22

seeing those tits bounce while she is on top would be well worth it - let is know the outcome

She is very sexy, polish not Roma and very clean, here for 2 days.  Very friendly and massive natural tits  :dance: :lol:  owo, reverse oral, rimming her kissing, protected sex and cum on tits with no extra costs

Online mr big

she told u polish if that's true fill ur boots hope its a good un

She put effort in unlick the Romas and she definitely made the effort, hair done, makeup done, nice perfume, red heels, red underwater and red tight shirt dress and she didn't waste time leaving in the room for only 30 seconds and quickly got her kit off.  I will be going to see her again tommorrow.  I think she is quite new at this and I get the feeling she loved reverse oral  :yahoo:

Great find Husq. Well done for risking it.  :hi:

Have just re-booked Gorgeous Alice, otherwise I'd have given her a go myself

Cheers GP, really good find.  And I am trying to see if I could tempt her into anal as she was very excited today and I think if I do the same to get her excited on next visit I maybe up for giving her ass a pounding. :lol:
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Sent the area on the 2nd message above.  It's modern clean apartment.  Just been looking at her pictures again on AW, she has massive natural tits which was nice to cum over them :yahoo:
« Last Edit: September 26, 2016, 01:45:41 PM by Husqvarna360 »

Online mr big

ah yes missed that me thinks she needs a good pounding now that u said she was polish cos romas are a no go for me good or bad reviews don't matter its a no

I don't think she is a Roma but I can't be 100% sure mate so proceed with caution if a Roma is a no go for you just in case I had this wrong. :cool:

Online mr big

thinking about it if she was polish she would put that on her profile because they got a good reputation so maybe she is a roma I'm out glad u had a good in though

Very nice, great looking tits.  A pity she is only here for a short time.

Offline HughJardon

She had a massive set of swingers

Which I drenched  :D Bit of a tummy on her not the prettiest but A very hard fuck

Another visit to this girl today and did want to try anal but only managed finger and did try a couple of positions but her ass was a to tight to take it.  She may be her until Friday before going back to Manchester.

I like the occasional girl next door type and this is Silvia with massive natural tits. I would be a regular if she was in Cardiff for a while.

My 3rd visit this week with Silvia and I have clicked with her and have had a great visit again today.   :lol:

Offline HughJardon

I did actually enjoy my visit with her Monday, what stuck out at first was her hair. I could barely see her face as her fringe was so low  :unknown: Great set of Udders on her,  no doubt there. And a very hard fuck, a great Titwank,  and eager for you to cover those bad boys in spunk. She did say she would return to Manchester Wednesday,  but I guess if she's busy she's going to stay in Cardiff.
Glad your vybing with her 360. Finding that in punting and a good regular is great for morale. Keep up the fucking  :drinks:

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