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Author Topic: Chinese massage - HE or FS  (Read 937 times)

Offline rockssss

 I am really new to punting infact started last month. Had only one successful punt with two unsuccessful(felt like cheated).. anyways I am looking for good massage parlors in and around reading which offers HE or FS. I have seen some posts about http://www.chinesemassagereading.co.uk/  but has a general query around how do we request for HE or FS. Sorry guys, as i said i am really new to this and am not aware if we should ask them over the phone or will it discussed inside the room. How does that work?

Offline advent2016

My advice , join auto-censored. lots of advice there.
I'd rarely ask on the phone, unless I was pretty sure they were a FS not FBSM place.
Either during the massage, you'll get credit card  swipes, touches of your arse, cock, balls, or she might just whisper in your ear.
Don't let your cock rule your brain - I never pay more than £10 for HR. I never have B2B first time. I like to experience how good their HJ skills are.

I don't usually go to Reading, except for the music festival so I don't have any answers in Reading. I can say that in my experience you never ask over the phone. You can ask in person about 10-15 minutes into the massage. Even then you should never be too direct, and if you act as a gentleman I find most of the girls will ask you if you want any extras. When I do ask there are signs you pick up on first, light brushes on my balls is the main one. Good luck and let us know what you find.

My experience (for what it's worth) - no point asking on the phone. I now ask for body to body straight up when we're in the room and before i get undressed. Not had anyone say no but have saved myself some money when they quote £60 and upwards and won't budge - I walk.

Welcome to the forum and you'll find loads of useful information here.  Asking over the phone won't usually get you anywhere so, when you arrive at the place you have two choices.  Either ask before you pay (and at Chinese Massage they will be quite clear about what's on offer and what it costs) or wait until you get the tell-tale signs mentioned in the posts above half way into your massage.  In fact I find it a bit more fun to do the latter as I feel the girl will be a bit more eager for the business.  Usually she doesn't get paid anything for the massage itself.  At Chinese Massage happy ending costs £20 which is what I'd normally expect to pay in a massage parlour.  If you can in fact get it for only £10 I'd say you're doing well.

Do please post a review on any establishment you do visit - both positive and negative reviews are useful to us.

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