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Author Topic: Miss Sexmachine - big boobs and tatts bliss  (Read 3254 times)

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Wood Green is quite a trek from central London. Everybody probably knows what is going on in this council house flat. I certainly look out of place as I approach. Miss Sexmachine opens the door. I have wondered if any of her flat mates are hot? I have a thing about micro bikinis. I had asked Miss Sexmachine to wear one. I usually do. No chance of the slightest containment of her huge silicon titties. Just emphasising these bad boys. She should, they are awesome.

She walks up the stairs. She is curvy both by nature and by her surgeon’s help. Not model slim, but filled out in the right places. Swinging her butt in front of my face, which is enhanced by butt implants. In my opinion, there was no need to do that. Her bum was hot also before. But she is obviously so hooked on the fake look and body art, which I so applaude. I have booked one hour. The first round will be quick as usual. No OWO any longer and no real DFK. Her service range is not great.

I am always surprised that looking so sexy as dirty whore with tatts and silicon, her range is still very tame. It is obviously her choice that I fully respect, but fucking her ass hole and snow balling when delivering the load in her mouth would have been so hot! Her style would just fit the bill. Then add a bit of dom/sub play and I would really get going.

Miss Sexmachine goes straight for the sex; grabbing my erect member and putting on a rubber right away. She blows my cock, but the rubber takes away quite a bit of the sensation. I play with the micro bikini, reveal her nipples and latch on sucking her breasts like a hungry child. I fuck her for a short while in mish while grabbing her big boobs. Her legs on my shoulders as a fill the condom with goo.

She gives me a back massage as I wait to recover. Round two is more positions; mish again, spoon position, smashing her pussy from behind. I am sure her ass would have felt tighter and better. Now I have to pound harder to get close to my second load. Feeling her fake melons hanging from her chest as I drill helps a lot.

Miss Sexmachine is riding me first reverse cow girl and then cow girl. I feast on the sight of her sexy tattoos. Just love how some girls take control of their body to have the power over us and blow us men away. She plays with her own big tits; knowing what gets me going!

I usually come the second time as she rides me cow girl and pushing her boobs in my face. Not this time, she feels heavier on my cock and using more a blunt grinding technique. She is leaning back. It is fucking hot in the small room by now. Children on the council estate are playing nosily outside.

I ask to be on top so I can just ram my cock in hard and drill her like a maniac to finish this off. She takes it well and giving appropriate sounds. Sweat is dripping and I am getting pretty exhausted, but feeling her sweaty big bolt ons against my chest brings me over the line. Phew....

Miss Sexmachine is in London 1-2 weeks every second month. I am a big fan of hers and see her regularly. Implants bigger than 1000cc on a attractive girl is pretty un resistible in my book. Although her range is limited, she is very friendly, service minded and reliable. She quickly responds to text. The damage is 120 for one hour. Good rate of GBP per cc of breast implant.

She saved me from erupting too early with Josephine the following day. Need one girl to prepare you to be able to fuck good an insane hottie! See link:


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18 review(s) found for Miss Angelina Jade linked to in above post (15 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

That's a hell of a 24 hours  :yahoo:

Very good idea for getting the most out of your Danish visit  :hi:

Offline foxinthebox9

Like this girl, but haven't gone to see her this time around simply because of the no OWO, becoming real deal breaker for me. Does DFK with me, but thinks she is fussy. Don't mind the location, but the room is crap, tiny bed, no real room and does get incredibly hot in warm weather as no fans or nothing. A couple of changes and would prob see everytime she comes over. pity.
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18 review(s) found for Miss Angelina Jade linked to in above post (15 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline The_Don

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She normally deactivates her profile, hence 404 message: 

anyone seen this girl recently? she was well on my hot list, but seems to have disappeared from AW?
No, but going on current history her profile is active when she working

18 review(s) found for Miss Angelina Jade linked to in above post (15 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline webpunter

One that got away. Spoke with her last year trying to make a booking & she sounded sexy as fuck. The punting stars didn't line up & i missed out :dash: On this thread now if she resurfaces.  Tits 1st i hope !

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