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Author Topic: Josephine  (Read 1732 times)


Josephine entered the room wearing black bra and panties plus high pink platform shoes. The first thing I notice as a breast man is how fucking pumped up her bra is, but still holds her breasts in an understated way, as it is a JJ industrial size one. She is a fairly short small sexy package with blond curly hair flowing and constantly smiling. She recognises me and we hug, I feel her incredible body; huge breasts and a tight waist against my body.

She takes the donation and leaves the room while I strip off to my boxers. Cook already more than half erect on anticipation to fuck this Danish silicon blonde. She got the biggest implants of any Copenhagen working girl at the moment as Sandra of Pussy Galores is unfortunately taking a break. Please don’t tell me you retired!

Josephine comes back in the room and we carry on where we left it. Just hugging, kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. This is teasing girlfriend like sex, rather than aggressive pornstar style one. No DFK. I can’t get enough of feeling her over sized melons against my chest. She unclips her bra and says smilingly that “Christmas is here for me”. I latch on to her big nipples. Giving each one plenty of attention and they both harden as my tongue is treating them. My cock is absolutely rock hard now and pushes on her belly when I keep hugging her.

Josephine turns around, my cock now stretching my underwear and lies on her ass creek. I explore her 1500cc orbs from behind. My hands can only very partially grab them. They are simply ginourmous. My God, this is serious the stuff, other girls in Copenhagen this nite are blown out in the breast department by this hottie. 

Josephine is saying “It is Christmas for me as well” as she pulls down my boxers and starting to play with my dick. She licks my balls and puts a rubber on. If negative no 1 was no DFK, this is negative no 2 no OWO. She blows cock very playful, alternating licking, sucking and teasing. Amazing sensation despite being covered.

She suggests that I lie down on the raised whore house style bed. This room oozes the tackiness of paid sex. She walks over me on all four as I am lying on my back. Her heavy hooters hanging from her chest and she makes good use of them huge boobs hitting my cock, my face, yes my whole fucking body. Her mouth suddenly aggressively taking in the whole length of my cock and her hands fiddling with my sensitive balls. If she was a bitch, she could have easily had me erupt there and then. Josephine knows when to stop to prolong the pleasure of sex.

Anyway, I need to fuck her now as any more foreplay would bring me over the line. I am helped by having twice had my dick milked by Miss Sexmachine in London the night before. If I had been starving for sex, this round would have been over by now. I  ask this smily Danish blond to get on her back so I can fuck her mish. Her giant bolt ons are big fuck balls pointing straight up. I decided I need to properly fuck them too a bit later.

Josephine talks about her tight pussy. She is right, it is fucking tight; increasing my pleasure as a tight glove around my rod. I drill her as hard as I dare to not come. Who needs an ass to fuck then? I bury my face between those big fake titties at the same time; alternating between being in between and furiously licking each one at a time. I feel a super horny stupor is engulfing me. Any other urge then to fuck Josephine and enjoy her super chest is completely gone.

I need to change position before I totally get carried away. Time to smash that tight pussy from behind and enjoy the sight of swinging big tits in the mirror. Her hooters are so pumped up and quite hard that it is the slower heavy swinging of big implants rather than the rapid movements of pathetic naturals while being aggressively pounded. As I see her treated like that, it once comes over me again, boy what I hate most natural tits; only exception very big and young titties or a natural wonder like black porn star Maserati which I had the pleasure to sample a few times.

Josephine rips off my condom as I finish smashing her from behind. She oils her big bazookas up and position my cock in between them. She asks me to squeeze her tits together, which I happily comply with. I am in pure mammaries heaven. Looking at her pretty face, tanned body, curly blonde her and cute smile, I need to stop again. I want to finish with her riding me cow girl.

She walks out of the room for another condom. The sight is breathtaking; a hot girl only wearing pink platforms and huge tits shining from baby oil. This babe is now returning to ride my cock. Unfortunately, it is now going to be matter of seconds rather than minutes that I can resist my orgasm. Her tight cunt swallowing my dick. I grab her enormous tits and licking the weird tasting baby oil, who cares? She is squeezing my fucking cock with her pussy to a shuddering climax.

The funny thing for a hooker is that she doesn’t stop when I have shot my big load. She continues riding me and my cock grows more sensitive all the time. I had to finally ask her to stop as she was “obliterating” it. Talking about fucking the shit out of someone. Haha, Sexy bitch!

Josephine is a well into her thirties, but still a very hot, pretty and fit girl. She obviously has the most amazing 1500cc proud additions that makes her with my taste one of very few. She cares about your pleasure and is fun and easy to talk to. Her ever present smile is addictive. The negatives are no DFK, no OWO, offering hot but tame sex. If she offered anal, group sex and some light dom/sub games, she would be my absolute dream working girl. Imagine some DP with her.....

Practicalities, I paid a well spent DKK1200 approx GBP 140 for half an hour. If I hadn’t fucked Miss Sexmachine the nite before, I would have booked longer. Both Josephine and lady at reception speaks good English. Sexy Club is situated above some light industrial buildings in the North suburbs of Copenhagen, but can be reached by public transport easily (use Google maps) and is perfectly safe. Entrance can be a bit hard to find, but just call to get exact directions. The other place Josephine works is Romantica which is more centrally located.

If you like hot blonds with big fake boobs, go and see her!

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Offline webpunter

Crikey.  That's two good reasons to go to Copenhagen.  The other burds at the place don't look too shabby either

Offline Jerboa

Great report there, Josephine sounds great, but a little pricey, can the thread title be edited? Like "Josephine of Copenhagen" punters might want to know her location before reading the whole thread.

Wow they are incredible aren't they , I can only imagine how good your tit wank was between those " wonderful wonderful Copenhagen" they say looks like they were right . 

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