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Author Topic: Quick Recs - English/High Quality/Wow Punt  (Read 421 times)

Offline Icarus

I've got some good 8/10 back ups for tomorrow but I'm free and looking for a punt. Kind of need to restore my faith in SE punting really.

I'm in the mood for something a bit more expensive than I would normally go for as I want a completely fit girl - I find most punts to be with girls that, although great bodies, aren't facially stunning. Ideally the girl would be English, early to mid twenties and a stunner. Kissing is necessary, OWO and facial would be preferable but not essential. Great taste in lingerie and shoes would be a bonus. Is it even possible to find a girl like that who isn't up her own arse and provides a good service as well? Willing to go up to 250/hr. I spent about 20 mins on the wiki but couldn't really see anyone who fit the bill.
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