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Author Topic: Bootsy  (Read 612 times)

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This one was a last minute plan D and I never met the girl.

I called made a booking, one hour later I was at the street in Grangetown. I called, no response then as I'm about to leave she called back "come to corner by park". I told her I was already by the park and was told to wait a minute. I could hear her whispering to her pimp in the background for 2-3 mins. She then asked me to get out of the car so she could see me. At this point it just felt dodgy as fuck so I left.

Best case scenario with this one was a shit Romanian punt. Worst case my car would be ransacked while I was in there... fuck explaining that to the insurance company!

2 review(s) found for BoostyEscort22 linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

A Romanian with no AW feedback.  Not a good idea. :thumbsdown:

A Romanian with no AW feedback.  Not a good idea. :thumbsdown:
Agreed, very dodgy. Can't imagine she gets many punters with a welcome like that.

Thought it an odd name though  - remember Bootsy and Snudge?

But I see it's actually Boosty - which I guess is what 'busty' sounds like in a Romanian accent  :D

Offline ledley

I have a rule to not park anywhere by the venue i'm visiting. Probably a bit OTT but ill park at least a street away

Offline Redevil86

Not ott at all ledley, visited gorgeous Alice  recently, ( good punt ) my sat nav kept taking me to the street adjoining , couple of calls with shit line and her polish accent , meant I could't hear too well, so she guided me in, by now I'm running 5 mins late and in a rush and getting a bit flustered , so see her waving slam breaks on , up on pavement , jump out , in, quick wash , clothes off , straight in DFKing , then look out the window and realize I'm parked right out side her window, it did keep going through my mind that if the neighbors know what goes on Thay could take reg, just paranoid but worse things happen, you just never know, I normally park a five min walk away in day light, at night in winter when pissing down , not too bothered .

Offline HughJardon

She did have a fit tall body when I met her,  but I didn't fuck her,  she just wanted extra cash for all services,  she'd probably charge a deep sea diver to have a sniff of her neck.

The only Romanians I'll Tofft now are the blonde haired brown eyed fair ones,  they just seem better than there brunette counterparts.

There's probably exceptions mind.

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