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Author Topic: Ava.Deluxe - Cambridge (but tours a lot)  (Read 734 times)

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Online Jimmy555


This was my worst punt for several years. My head told me not to go ahead with the booking as she had no reviews on here and the venue was in an indiscreet house (just off Mill Road). Unfortunately for me I was horny and followed my penis.

The woman herself was fairly attractive and slim, 10 years older than her profile suggests though, probably late 30's. Visible C-Section scar.

Her profile suggests girl friend experience with full of kindness and sensuality. In reality a dead duck would have given a better service. No kissing whatsoever, didn't like her tits touched yet alone sucked, no fingering, rubbish uncovered blowjob that was shallow and was mostly hand.

Kept telling me that sex might me difficult due to my size and her tightness, hardly a welcoming invitation. Tried a bit of missionary but it was dreadful. Ended up exploding over her tits.

i accepted the offer of a massage which in truth was ok, turned over and she wanked me off.

Got dressed and left. Paid her for an hour at the start but was gone after only 30 minutes because I was just totally bored of the experience.

Will stick to my regulars from now on where a top notch service is guaranteed.

2 review(s) found for Ava.deluxe linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Dulmenite

Thank you Jimmy . This was my next intended punt . It has now been confined to the Scrap Heap .

Online Hertsgent

Yes, very useful, she has appeared in Stevenage before too (but I've never seen her) - she is part of the Kylie Flirt stable it seems. Having seen Kylie Flirt and been a bit disappointed all round personally, I also got the impression she was kind of a madam bringing girls over from Hungary and working with them from a hotel. All of this put me off planning meeting any of them in the future.

Great review for the board  :thumbsup:

Dodged a bullet there was thinking of seeing her. Not any longer:-(

Dodged a bullet there was thinking of seeing her. Not any longer:-(
I actually called her a couple of months ago but Ava said she was fully booked for the day. Perhaps there is a God!

Dodged a bullet there was thinking of seeing her. Not any longer:-(
+1       Had her on my HL with her Stevenage visits but never had the opportunity to wander from the couple of "regulars" when she was around.....  ;)

Have seen her recently concur with Jimmy555...one to avoid!

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