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Author Topic: Rocco Spa & Massage - Alexandra Palace London N22  (Read 2083 times)

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Offline andyrou


Okay so I haven't been here for a good while and although I usually like a pair of soft lips around my bell-end every now and then I like to have a semi-pro massage as the thought of not knowing is unbeatable, that hairspray advert moment " Is she or isn't she " going to ask if I want extras.

I called ahead and booked in for an hour, spoke with the receptionist who comes across friendly but professional, Natalia I think her name was. She had three girls available for my hour so I asked her to recommend a girl to which she suggested Ella a polish girl.
When I showed up the receptionist (very tasty indeed with a cracking rack) asked me if I'd been before a completed a health questionaire? I thought, shit it's gone all legit and it's gonna be awkward to walk now. So I said yes I done all that before (I hadn't) she asked Ella to show me to the room & shower. Ella is around mid to late thirties, size 12-14 with a lovely perky pair of 34ds I's say but I ain't no bra fitter. I would give her 6/10 facially and if I'm honest a little quiet/moody which didn't bother me too much coz I was feeling homesick anyway. She showed me to the back room which is done up very well, very sheek and subtle lighting to get undressed, she handed me two clean towels and a white spa robe whilst she got the electric shower going. A half decent shower in a small room but adequate enough. I came back into the room holding the towel and robe to test her reaction, dead pan, no shock but also no smile. She asked me to get on the proper massage table, so I put the stuff down and climbed up naked, still no reaction. She did however ask me if I wanted the towel over my hairy arse to which I said I'm not worried if she wasn't, she didn't bother with it, at last I thought a little chink in her armour.

To cut an hours worth of massage short, Ella took her white massage coat off and underneath she was wearing tight black leggings and a vest top showing off her firm tits. She then gave me probably the best massage I've had for a while with a few little CC swipes but no ball or cock touching, she used warm unsented oil whilst the old relaxation music played in the background. She whispered for me to turn over and this is when my imagination starts to boil, she did massage my inner thighs and all over until eventually I couldn't wait any longer, the clock in the room showed I had 15 mins left so I asked if she would do any extras, she hesitated then said very quietly HE, that would be okay but I asked if she would undress to which she said NO, I asked again, maybe just Topless? She said No again, I said Okay but knew really I needed at least one tit out of that holder to help my stimulation. I eventually coaxed her to allow me to slip down her vest and bra strap on one side so I could pop her fantastic tit out to stroke and play with till I bolted my lot. She was very subserviant to the point that I thought " Was I out of order? "

Anyway job done, she cleaned me up and then performed a really nice head massage on me before preparing the shower again, I showered, dress and then asked her again how much as I thought I mis-heard £20 extra. Result I thought.

In summary not to everyones taste but nice every now and then when you fancy that unknown quantity and thrill of the chase, can I talk her into it scenario? The up front massage charge was £50 and Like I said an extra £20 for a different sort of Happy Ending. I have decided to go through the card and try the other two girls as well as I saw a taller blonde EE girl that caught my eye as looking rather naughty. I don't want to bore you all BUT I will report back If I manage to get more from her when I go.

I've rated it and her as a positive because I genuinely felt great afterwards and I knew it wasn't a FS type place although I still think at the right time with the right bird it's a possible, I always live in hope and I love all the uncertainty sometimes. 

Online Bassman

So, you'd been there before and hoped they still provided extras? Or first time and we're hoping?

None of the usual give always on their site. You took a risk man! Lol.

But I get the thrill. In Thailand I would have massages and would often wonder if the girls would do extras lol. I was too afraid to ask, but knowing what I know now the hands in my arse crack and the slight rubbing of my inner thighs/nut sack should've given it away lol.

Thanks for the info though. I wonder if you edit. Say anything if she would've offered.

Offline andyrou

Hi BM, I've been before around a year ago and saw a little blonde bird who offered me Topless HR at the end of another very decent massage BUT on saying that some other members reported back with no-go when they visited. TBH I was laying there thinking WTF am I going to do if I don't get anything? It's all that anticipation that drives me to these places every now and then, it's great arranging and doing the business with a traditional WG but sometimes a little mystic makes a pleasant change from the hardcore fucking.

I will report back when I visit again and go for another girl, the blonde looked interesting for sure.

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