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Author Topic: Nicole 40JJ - Reading (Touring)  (Read 1172 times)

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Offline TallnHung

The Lady:
https://www.adultwork.com/663031 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nicole40JJ

Anyone who knows porn from Ben Dover and Omar days knows of Nicole I'm sure. 
She has had a few names Jenny Mansfield and Gaynor to name a couple.  She also has a filmography here:

She is tall, very very busty but somehow the rest of her is quite slim and she hardly has any arse on her at all.
Not everyones cup of tea but if you're into women with big tits she will tick the boxes.

The Price:
£80, half hour, £120 for 45 minutes or £150 an hour. I could only do the 30 minutes.

The Service:
£80 half hour of OWO, tit worship, tit fuck and cum on tits.

The meet:
I have been working away for weeks and had been rooting through AW for some fun on my return.  Nicole (and her touring partner Abbie) popped up on AW and as I was local I thought it would be mad not to get a play with someone I have seen on film a lot. 
Initially I booked an hour but my travel plans went to hell and all we could do in the end was 30 minutes.  All my fault but Nicole was very flexible about it all through the booking, via text, so there were no issues.

I arrived at the new time and was greeted by Abbie, who gave me the room number and key.  Nice hotel but one of those that wants a room hey just to get in the lift.  Abbie was ultra discreet and having seen her I wouldn't mind a meet with her too. She is much more of the BBW than Nicole but has an amazing pair of tits by the looks of it.

Up to the room.  Greeted by Nicole and was immediately impressed.  Taller than she looks, wearing some very sexy underwear and those massive tits straining at the leash.  Couldn't wait to get my hands on her.   As I had been travelling I showered and returned to the room to see Nicole on the bed so joined her.
I was asked what I had come for and I said Tits, Blowjobs, Titfucking and cum.  Thats exactly what I got.  Nicole whipped off the towel and her hands went to work on my cock whilst I went to work on her huge tits and very responsive nipples.  They hardened up quite well as did I.  Soon Nicole was sucking my cock, not too deep throat and not too clamped on either.  Just right.  I asked how deep she could go and on me that was about half way though the sight of her doing it soon had me over excited.  I was having my cock sucked by a proper big tits porn star and it was too much.  So we moved to her stroking me whilst I played with her clit.  She doesn't do fingers inside  but I didn't mind, I was there for the tits and this was just to let me calm a wee bit.
Back to cock sucking and loads of eye contact as she did her thing.  Again I could have cum so easily so we varied the rate and by the time I was soon titfucking her oiled up tits she had been blowing me for a good 20 minutes.
On to the titfuck and I stood up as she wrapped her huge oiled tits round my cock and demanded I fuck them.  Well I fucked them right to my balls and they felt amazing.  Soon the end was coming and I pulled out of her tit flesh to spray her tits with a big load which was left there for me to admire.

She went to clean up in the bathroom, I dressed and left a very happy man.

So no sex but I wasn't there for that I was there for her legendary tits.  Will I go back again?  She tours a lot but isn't usually around my area, she said it had been a few years, so as a treat I may book her next time for an hour. 
If you like huge tits, a good blowjob and have wanted a proper 90's porn star on the end of your cock I'd say go for it, she is well worth it.

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