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Author Topic: Veronica.Sexy @ Cheltenham  (Read 518 times)

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Offline Yungpunt


So the reviews on here are a bit hit and miss with regard to Veronica. I just left, literally 15 minutes ago and couldnt be happier! Photos are 100% accurate - beauty spots are all in the right places!

Texting was easy enough, and V was quick to respond. English is good and the meet was simple to arrange. Sorted out what I wanted before hand and agreed anal for an extra £30.
Quick phone call when nearby and clearly directed to where she is staying.

Veronica is nice and slim with a beautiful curvy (but firm!) ass and perky tits! The perfect handful plus nice and pert. For me, her face is stunning especially when she smiles. The smile in particular is dangerously adictive!

The meet.
I wont go in to the full hourin details, but OWO was good to start. On to doggy style and a bit of anal. I have to give Veronica props for trying as Im a big lad and she squeezed me in! Although anal only lasted a few minutes, she is incredibly tight! We swapped to missionary and I can safely say her pussy is equally as tight and enjoyable.
So pop 1 and a quick shower. Decent massage, dont expect it to be firm or hard, pleasant but a bit soft.
More OWO, then V hopped on top. Now this didnt last long but credit where its due, she gave it 100% and only stopped because she was too tired to carry on. We swapped to more Doggy. Now i was suprised but she came, twitching and pussy gripping, full on screaming orgasm. She likes doggy hard and her hand didnt stop between her legs. Pop 2 as she came.

100% suggest a visit.

Good comms and decent english
Banging body
Great skills on top
Good OWO
Not an awful massage (more neutral but not negative)

Although confirmed no kissing, managed to get 3 small pecks.
Disappeared to the toilet and lounge about 5 times. It didnt hugely kill the mood, but was frustrating.

It is worth noting that when I said I would leave feedback (yet to do) V mentioned that she works 2 weeks and then goes home to Poland.
When she goes home, her friend uses her profile, so I suggest checking first, who you are seeing.

V has 3 destinctive beauty spots which are easy to identify, 1 on her left shoulder blade, one on her left collar bone and one just on the left of her neck. It makes a nice little trio and if they arent there, it isnt her!

2 review(s) found for Veronica.Sexy linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Taggart

What is it about the Polish, no kissing, no fingering?

Best Polish girl I ever saw was Violet Grey (London) - full on snogging, three fingers in her wet fanny, one in her arse.
Shame there arent more like her.

Offline 123Mel456

Shame about the profile swapping , might never be sure what you are going to get.  He rmate is hardly going to say no it isn't her if she thinks she will get a punt out of it
Shame, sounds like a decent punt all bar the no kissing :(

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