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Author Topic: aryana kisss – Croydon  (Read 859 times)

Offline datpunter

Avoid this one.


If you see her feedback on AW, a user has posted a link to a Swiss internet forum. The thread he links to is about a club in Switzerland where she worked for a bit. If you use Google translate, you will learn from the club's owner and, more convincingly, from another woman who worked at the club that 'aryana' is HIV positive. That's why she is back in the UK – she got kicked out of the club when they found out she had it. Quite a sad story, and the club's owners sound like heartless savages.

Despite her status, 'aryana' continues to offer bareback and unprotected sex. Perhaps as a tacit admission that she has something wrong, she does not have protected sex on her enjoys list!!! Bareback or nothing with her, it seems, is what she is saying. Crikey!

I've not seen her use the name aryana before. Years ago she used to go by 'Thalia', then later went for 'Rahella'. She has also changed the nationality she claims to be. First time I saw her, she said she was Spanish; in more recent years, she's opted for Romanian. However, she looks Russian and speaks English with a Russian accent. I've never raised my suspicions with her, since it's none of my business, so make of them what you will.
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Offline pumps

this isn't even a review, common sense tells folks to stay away from girls that offer bb on their profile.

its obvious they have something

Offline datpunter

The photos have changed back now. It's not her in the photos, though the phone number is unchanged.
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Online NightKid

Haha and the funniest thing is, surprise surprise, our resident knave turns out to be the one who's punted and positively reviewed her, made light of the bareback claim despite the profile clearly listing it, in addition to the contradicting quote below.

Very true, although one of the other girls at this place has said she'll do bareback anal, and for 80. I wouldn't mind I didn't even ask. The thought makes me sudder :thumbsdown:

If that isn't the very definition of dodgy, then I don't know what is ...  :bomb:

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