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    This one was a bit out of my usual price range. But she looked really hot, and has fantastic reviews. So thought I couldn't go wrong.

    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    All sorted with emails, then texts very efficiently. She must be an early bird, replying to my texts at 7am. I was told to confirm on the morning by text.

    Little street off broad street. 15 mins walk from new st station.

    Nice clean, organised apartment.

    Fee & Duration
    £130 for one hour

    DFK, OWO, RO, Fingering, sex in couple of positions, Rimming (giving) massage.

    The Girl
    I won't say too much about her appearance as pictures are accurate. I will just say stunning though. Personality wise, very confident, and friendly young lady. Soon puts you at ease.

    Pre Punt:
    In my emails and texts I had a detailed requests and requirements list. Which Chardonnay had no problems with.

    The Punt
    When the magic door opened, I was already drooling. Before me stood a slim, attractive young lady, dressed as I'd requested in school uniform, with a huge smile on her face. Great start. Left the paperwork on the side. Went for a shower, on return Chardonnay was sitting on the sofa, beckoning me to join her.

    We soon started DFK, (which was the best I've experienced, and was continuous the entire hour) and exploring each other's body's. Made our way to the bed, where round one of some excellent OWO took place. At the same time she's tickling my balls with her nails, felt awesome.

    I then lift them falsies out of the top of her bra, and give them some attention. I must add they are a very attractive job by the way.

    More DFK, at the same time I slip a finger into her pussy, and start gentle fingering whilst snogging. She was getting very wet.

    I then head south for a bit of RO, I must say she does have the prettiest little pussy I have ever clapped eyes on. Tasted great also, and her body soon started making jerking movements like she was having an electric shock, every time I hit the right spot. I think she orgasmed after a bit, unless she was acting. Not sure, not bothered.

    I then pushed her legs back, and pinned her ankles by her ears, giving me a glorious sight of her magical butt hole winking at me. I soon got stuck into that with my tongue, tasted great also. Whilst rimming I noticed Chardonnays face through her legs looking slightly nervous and vulnerable. This just turned me on even more.

    I then had round two of more superb OWO. When I notice time was flying, so ask for the condom. She mounts me and starts some great CG. After some time switch to mish. A wonderful sight lay beneath me, while I pumped away hard and fast. We were really going at it for a good period, she was making all the right noises. I eventually had the best and longest orgasm I'd had for a very long time. I wanted to do doggy, but you have to take a pop when you can at my age, that magic moment might not come along again, and time was ticking.

    Quick clean up. Time for a decent massage, and a bit of chit chat, where I get to find out Chardonnay is the most honest genuine WG I've come across. She's the only one I've felt comfortable enough to leave my wallet on show whilst taking a shower.
    I did ask if she'd enjoyed the rimming, as she looked nervous. Her reply was, she's only had receiving rimming on her likes list since February, and she is worried, especially with new clients they might try and stick fingers in, said she does not mind fingers in pussy, and tongue in arse, but NO fingers in the butt hole chaps. But she did enjoy. To which I said you'll enjoy a lot more next time, when your more relaxed.

    Another shower, hug and kiss and I'm on my way, buzzing for the next week most probably.

    The entire meet flowed flawlessly. The hour went by in a blink of the eye. By far the best punt I've EVER!! had.
    Chardonnay is a very well organised, savvy, smart business woman. A true pro as Dodo called her. Don't let this put you off as the quality of her service is excellently sublime. I can't overstate enough her wonders. I understand Chardonnay's rates are going to put a lot off. But there can't be many £60 h/h girls out there that can match her in the looks department as well as in the quality of her service. Sometimes in life you get what you pay for. Plus she's a down to earth brummie so had no trouble understanding my accent, which makes a pleasant change. She defo got my banter also, shared a good few giggles.

    Would I see again? I was originally intending to make this a one off because of her rates. But there's further avenues I would like to explore with this young lady(only basic things like different uniforms, role play, and wouldn't mind trying her nuru). I can only see the standard of her service improving as she gets to know you better.  So yes I intend seeing her again. Just hope she'll still accommodate me.

    Hope this is not too fluffy.
    Hope this review helps.


    Offline Juankerr

    An excellent review of a top Lady Littlefoot  :hi:

    Can't disagree with anything you have said, having known her for a long time now and had several equally fantastic sessions with her, one of Birmingham's best IMO.

    Online legendinho

    Great review little foot, I always have a very enjoyable time with her. She is one of my go to girls if I want 100% safe punt.

    Offline Bobbaloo

    Yeah would have to agree with your review, great girl she is!

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