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Author Topic: Sammie incall Reading  (Read 1232 times)

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Offline JS1965

My first review so be be gentle with me you horrible cunts  :sarcastic:

Having spent the last ten years living in the land of smiles ( Thailand ) and having a punters dream i decided to start punting over here. I met Sammie by accident as i was on a punt with a CD who lives in a large house in the Southcote area of Reading. As i was leaving I noticed Sammie sitting in the lounge wearing nothing but a white top that just about covered her arse. I asked Cathy ( the CD ) who the lady was and he told me that it was Sammie and she also worked there. Sammie got up off the sofa and came and shook my hand and gave me a peck on the cheek I asked Sammie for her phone number and said I would be back to see her for sure. At this point i think Sammie thought I was not going to call her as i had just had a dabble with geezer in a dress but i was calling her within two minutes of leaving the house. We agreed on a price and time for later that day. The price was £45 for HH. I actually wanted an evening punt but Sammie explained her last appointment could be no later than 3pm as she lived in Basingstoke and catches the train due to not being a driver. I arrived at 3pm and Cathy was dressed as requested. She had the same little white top and a pair of black stockings on with no shoes. What i noticed about Sammie when we met earlier was the fact she had gorgeous feet with painted toes and i wanted them around my cock and in my mouth  :yahoo:Sammie greeted me with a wet sloppy DFK that tasted fresh and was very welcome ( this continued throughout the session ) so it would have been rude of me not to slip a couple of fingers in her moist and hairless twat. Sammie says she is 33 on her profile and that is about right. She has an average body with no tats or piercings with a pair of small but pert pair of tits.If i was to guess her size I would say she is a size 10-12. Now as I have mentioned her feet was something i drooled over but when she sat on my face i actually forgot about all those LBFM back in Thailand and she gives a great OWO and took my full load and swallowed the lot   :thumbsup: After the events earlier in the day with Cathy the CD and now her supping up my man custard i could not raise for a second pop so did not shag her so sadly can't review her on that...but I shall be back and another review will follow. The only negative that i think would put some people off his she is a bit of a chatter box and i did at one point tell her to zip it as she was reminding me of the wife   :mad: I stayed about 45 minutes so she was not a clock watcher and for me a great punt :yahoo:

Admin I have no idea how to add a link but her AW profile is cumlover1.

2 review(s) found for cumlover1 linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline gusto

Good review. Are you going to do a review of Cathy as well? Is she on Adultwork?

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