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Author Topic: Studio 95 (swansea) A good back or not?  (Read 1146 times)

Offline aazbo22

Hi Guys

Im planning on w work punt on Friday in Swansea area - but im thinking if all doesn't go to plan is Studio 95 a good or bad back up.

Any thoughts or experiences

Offline Corus Boy

Type Studio 95 into the search box, sit back and read.

Offline aazbo22

I did have a look at these but there is only one from 2016

but that one wasn't bad so to speak

Offline Swansea1

I have visited three times in as many months and walked out on each occasion after seeing the girls. This used to be my number one port of call in the nineties. Sadly we live in a different era now.
    I was talking to one of the girls in Top Class in Cardiff earlier in the year who said she wanted to work in Swansea as the new girl always gets the custom. She didn't know any of the parlours by name other than Studio 95 which she says has a terrible reputation with working girls as the management are known for treating them badly. This would go some way to explaining why the service may be so poor now.

Yes, the 90's were the glory days of this place, it was almost an enchanting place once.

It has downsized a lot, and in the past there would be a good line up of ladies, mostly welsh, and it had a friendly vibe.

It's pot luck there now, I don't think there's any regular ladies there now, which I think is part of the problem, and it's probably not the end of the world if it turns out to be a disaster as I think it's only £40, same as it was 20 years ago.

Having said that, it's still clean and tidy, but a bit of a souless place now.

Think you'd be better off Aaz knocking back on lml in Llanelli as you know great service there, only 20 minutes drive. Or Lola bella in Neath if available...

Offline aazbo22

well............ I bit the bullet - and went to studio 95!

Personally I thought it was ok. got a choice of 4 girls - who I thought were all sexy and slim.
£40 for 30 minutes I knew it wasn't going to be full gfe or pse but I needed to empty my balls lol.

I will put a review up - very vanilla but if you after just emptying the sack then I found no issue with it - so gvfm

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