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Author Topic: Thai massage sheffield Muangkhwan. Mali or Maylee  (Read 1406 times)

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I called Muangkhwan in the morning and got an hour appointment for 1.30pm the same day. Drove up there and it's a white door next to the Vape shop. The gal asked me to phone when I was two minutes away so she could let me in. I was über nervous as this was my first punt ever but the gal who was called Mali or Maylee or something made me feel very comfortable from the get go. She was probably in her mid thirties or something, 5'5" ish with medium length black hair and a great pair of tits... i noticed she had one ear sticking out more than the other (not that that bothered me...  has anyone else seen her? ) She welcomed me with a kiss and took me up to a private room and asked me to undress. I undreseed in front of her and laid face down on the single bed with no towel. I guess I would have like a towel, as a was nervous as hell...

She chattered away making my nerves go away and gave me a great firm  massage. At one piont she pulled my arse cheeks apart as if she was inspecting my arse hole (?) I thought she was checking to see if I was clean, lol.  Anyways, the massage continued with plenty of edging round my balls followed by her giggling and saying "oops" every time. ..  what a turn on!

After half an hour she asked if I want b2b and HE for an extra £30...  I obviously agreed. She flipped me over and I was fully hard. She accidently stroked round my cock and giggled again and put my hand on her lovely big boobs...  'oops' she said. Then she stripped down to just her pants and jumped on up top of me rubbing my hard cock between her ample boobs, whilst slowly wanking me. Twenty minutes of this whilst i played with her boobs, she had great nipples too, then she sat astride me and gave me a good firm oily wank, holding my foreskin back as the wanked me hard.  I shot my wad then she gave me a towel and took me to the bathroom, which was clean. She showered my back and front, still topless and dried me, then helped me dress,  still giving me the occasional kiss and chatting away. I paid at the end, £40 for the massage and £30 for the b2b and gave her an extra tenner as a tip. Hopefully she'll look after again next time I pay a visit. She walked me out, hand in hand,  gave me a big kiss and hug before she waved me off.

In summary,  I thought it was a great massage and the HE worked a treat. So as a first timer, I was suitability impressed. Will defo return.

This is my first review so I hope you like it...


Sounds great, must get round that way again soon!

Offline Tricks

1st. Punt and a review :hi: I look forward to many more.

You know it's going to cost you a fucking fortune :D

Yep, I can see me spunking a lot of money on this... good job I've got a separate bank account... lol

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