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Author Topic: Christy225 - near Wallingford  (Read 1060 times)

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Christy has been around for quite a long time. She used to work in Bracknell and is in her mid-40s. Her location now, to the west of Wallingford, is ‘unusual.’ It’s perfectly safe, if a little unkempt, and you can park right outside.


Christy used to be a heavy smoker, but she quit after a health scare last year, and put on some weight as a result, which is fine by me. Unfortunately, her sister is often staying with her, and she does smoke, so it still sometimes pervades the air a bit, but the bedroom is always fine.

Christy is a good looking woman who provides a leisurely service – no wham-bam stuff – with some sensuous cock-sucking, and always enjoys starting off fucking with some reverse cowgirl, with affords a wonderful view of her arse. There’s never any rush to finish off.

3 review(s) found for christy225 linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for the review. Despite the fact she has been around for several years, this is only the third review of her.

She's always on my HL as I pass through the area now and again, but she's rather pricey, a bit older than I like and hasn't answered on the odd occasion I phoned. I guess it means she has a decent number of regulars despite the prices and her age, so must be providing a consistent service.

Thanks for the review and I agree her service is definitely well worth her rates

I had no idea she had so few reviews (hence I had not bothered, as her service has been consistent for a long time)

Have seen her numerous times (mainly my pre-UKP days) but has dropped off my regulars for a very simple reason:

I hate 'erotowear lingerie' and despite numerous suggestions to "just get it all off", she declines as she is self-conscious of the (very little) additional weight she has put on(which I find attractive)

At a £150/hr I would have expected this simple request.

You're right JW, she is a bit reluctant to "get it all off" as you say, although I've always managed. I like her current body size - it suits her (and me!)

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