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Author Topic: Anyone seen HotStefanie  (Read 2624 times)

Offline ohdanny

Hi there,

Considering seeing this lady, anybody met her?




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Offline carlisle78

She's on my London Hotlist - she has great feedback and great pictures.
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Offline what-a man

I am also interested in seeing her, it would be nice for us to receive some feedback on her.

Offline EnglishRebecca121

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one of my regulars saw here apparently a sweetheart  ;)

Offline bestbefore

I saw her about 6 months ago. She is certainly a class act - lovely smooth skin, great legs, small boobs. Stunning in lingerie. She had just started on AW but said she had worked for a couple of years before as a high price (£300ph) escort with agencies. No reason to doubt that. But I offered her £120, which she accepted. Good english, Very good services, nice OWO, kissing, sexy girl, but the only negative was that she was paranoid about my condom slipping off and while riding me in cowgirl was hanging on to the condom, quite a feat but quite off putting as well. IMHO £150 is too much to pay. Better value out there. 

Yep, saw her twice last Autumn - Very Nice - well worth making an effort to see.
If you don't like the price, no one is forcing you to pay.

Offline andrei

Yep, saw her twice last Autumn - Very Nice - well worth making an effort to see.
If you don't like the price, no one is forcing you to pay.

and if you dont like the fact that someone doesnt like the price no one is forcing you to comment
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Offline carlisle78

Saw her about a month ago.

On a massive positive, Stefani is an absolute knock out. Her pictures are definitelty accurate and un-shopped. Very glamorous, long curly hair and her body is slim and toned. Her legs and bum are truly stunning and she was wearing a tight purple dress that hugged those buttocks perfectly. She is very bubbly and has a really seductive French accent.

On the downside the flat was freezing cold. She apologised for this. Even the bed clothes were icy to the touch. It took the edge off the first part of the meeting until we warmed up.

Her kissing was tender to begin with and became more urgent and she deployed her tongue very effectively. Suddenly she broke off from kissing me, rushed across the room to grab a wet wipe and then returned to wipe the lipstick stains off my face and off her own. I would have been happy to leave this until later.

Stefani went down on my cock after asking whether I wanted OW or OWO - and reminded me that there was no CIM. I said this was fine I would warn her of any imminent ejaculation - and she went and got another wet wipe to clean up my already showered and squeaky clean knob.  I don't mind this but is does dull the rhythm somewhat. Her technique was good and she was happy to deep throat almost to gagging depth. After a while she asked if I wanted to 69 and she swung herself into position. Her pussy was very tasty and she kept gently thrusting back to make sure I got a decent face full and could get my tongue in deep.

A few times as I stroked her body and her tits, her she flinched. I asked if she was okay - was I being too rough on her pussy? She explained that she was very ticklish and a light touch makes her giggle and I would need to be firmer.

Soon Stefani asked if I wanted to have sex. On with the mac and she started bouncing away on top. It was pleasant then after a while she told me to switch to doggy.

This was much better, enhanced by the view of her utterly magnificent arse. I pounded away for ages before I eventually unloaded and as I did so I gently hugged her and inadvertently ticked her again. Cue more flinching and giggling.

We went onto round two. I was pretty knackered at this point and so asked for more 69. This got quite heated as she really went medieval on my cock - perhaps too much. A few times she pushed her pussy so hard into my face that found I couldn't breath (and I was probably nosing her little arsehole) and had visions of ending up being found asphyxiated.

Afterwards as she sat up she noticed that my face was glistening with her wet pussy juice and before I could stop her, produced another wet wipe to clean me up. I would have been happy for her juices to have dried where they were.

I really liked Stefani. Stunning to look at and fun to be with. I found her ticklish tendency and frequent deployment of wet wipes a bit off putting at the time - but on reflection I find it funny now.

I would go back.
Banning reason: Trolling another member because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. Also known as EdiTed on other sites.

Offline Andre 3000

I saw her when she was fairly new,she is attractive but I just got an air of humourless attitude from her. I can only imagine it's gotten worse as she's fucked more and more men.

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Offline Sedlmayer


This girl has been discussed frequently here. I'm prepared to believe that she was good at one stage, and she's certainly attractive, but her service/attitude now is crap. Lots of better girls out there for the same money, or less.

Offline nabsy

saw her xmas last year

she's not even that hot, had no make up on and was wearing slippers when she answered the door - she was cold and moody

service was exactly that and felt functional, but not fun

i'd avoid

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