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Author Topic: Fortuna from abby69escort - usual place in Sloane Avenue. Wrong room given!  (Read 312 times)

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This thread;


..., inspired me to see a Kazakh girl again.

So I thought I'd toft.

I haven't been to the usual place in Sloane Avenue in almost a decade.  It's still the same as I remembered it.

I was on time, made my way to the room  and rang the bell.

"Who is it?"  came the decrepit reply from behind the closed door.

It's Jimmypoo!

"What do you want?"

At this point a cold sweat came over me, something I had forgotten about that can sometimes happen when using EE agencies(I hadn't used a EE agency for a very long time) - they'd given me the wrong room number.

I started making my way out of the building before she could open the door, whilst calling the agency - no reply.

I went to the pub and called them again - no reply! 

And again when I got to the station - no reply.

I got a text about an hour later asking me where I was, I texted back that I had been there on time and had called them three times.

They denied this.

Only to come back to me a little later saying that Fortuna had changed rooms without telling them.

They offered a discount on my next booking - not really sure that I will take them up on it.

Offline pumps

Sound like bullshit of the highest order, they've obviously double booked her. Useless agency cunts

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