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Author Topic: Which are best EE working girls?  (Read 575 times)

Which are the best Eastern European working girls? I've read some bad reviews of Romanian on this forum. There seem to be a fair few from Hungary and Poland as an alternative, but do they have the famed EE work ethic? I assume we will see less of them going forwards as the UK brexits out of Europe, who is going to fill that gap?

In my experience, through extensive and exhaustive research, the EE rankings in order of performance, in general terms are:

Polish - great attitude, top performance
Ukrainian - great looking and if you find one who is not purely after the cash, you hit the jackpot
Russian - best looking, often "princesses", inconsistent delivery
Czech Republic & Slovakia - dirty bitches, in a good way
Baltic States - the younger ones often top notch
Hungarian, Moldovan & Romanian - occasional good 'un

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