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Author Topic: Alice Big Tits  (Read 916 times)

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My god. I just spent an hour with this woman and wish I had booked an overnight. I think the boobs have grown since this video was shot - http://www.omgbigboobs.com/tour2/trailers/alice-85jj-huge-tits-bounce.html

After a last minute booking (left voicemail, followed up with a text, she called within five minutes) I headed over to her flat, spent no more than 45 seconds outside before she called me & buzzed me in. Mother of god - the tits were bigger in person, under a thin top with no bra, than anything I'd imagined from the photoshoots & videos. Unfortunately, I fucked up and was short a tenner when I got there & she counted it out. As is the sound practice, I brought only the amount required - 130 for the hour, or so I thought. After an awkward apology, I raced back to my hotel, luckily only a few minutes from her flat, and returned with an additional 20 for her wasted time. She was very gracious, said that it was no trouble, but certainly accepted the tip.

We chatted (my choice, not time waster) about her experiences with some professional photographers & directors, just a little personal life, general discussions about the industry and those who can't maintain professional distance, all the while with her riding on top of me dangling those incredible udders in my mouth, engulfing my head completely, keeping John Thomas very happy. I've never seen boobs flying all over the room the way she swings them.

For the remainder of the hour, we chatted some more while petting each other, a little light nail scratching, her playing with my nipples and mild HJ while I continued to worship her neck, ears, boobs, etc. Gents, if you're a boob man, you haven't lived until you've had your head in her lap and sucked to your hearts content while she's giving hand relief. Her nipples are huge, and grow lengthwise with a little oral attention.

Note -  be gentle. The skin on Alice's boobs is incredibly thin making them, and the nipples especially, very sensitive. I was disappointed to learn that the photo shoot she did with the ropes was very painful, and out of the question for punters. She only plays dom, never sub, if BDSM is on the docket. She did a scene for XX-Cel where she was obviously in pain from the way he handled her. Not cool.

Location - two minute walk from Euston Station. Shared flat with another girl who I heard, but never saw. They offer duos.

Positives - BOOBS!!!!!!!!!  BOOBS!!!!!!!!!, good comms, sincere (or at least credibly so) smiles & laughs, fluent English, not a clock watcher at all. There was no clock in the room, never picked up her phone until I asked, never reminded me about time. Did I forget to mention BOOBS!!!!!!!!! ?

Negatives - she maintains no kissing on the lips, thus GFE is out. Faint cigarette smell, but without any FK, that wasn't an issue.

Repeat - definitely, although she's only in London for a short while longer. I think a full on PSE is in order.

5 review(s) found for ALICE BIG TITS linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

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