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Author Topic: Had my first punt and could barely stay hard despite viagra  (Read 1891 times)

Did you take the viagra one hour beforehand ?

I do find that works and then start off quite slow with them,  put yourself at ease and it just happens.  The worst thing is to overthink the situation and keep thinking "what if i'm doing ti wrong" or "what if she doesn't like it" or "i'll do this in a minute".  Just do what makes you happy at that moment in time.

If you still want to try one again to see if it happens again then,  i'm unsure who you saw,  but go with a bit more mature ,  more experienced WG and they will know how to handle you.

Offline Anadin

Nerves and poor health killed any chance of an erection on my first punt. Nerves will improve with time and the right WG.

Offline potato

Unless you are planning a 6 hour sexathon I would kick the Viagra into touch if I was you at your age. Leave it to when you really do need it. There is a danger of you falling into psychological need to use it all the time.   If it's nerves then the Viagra won't help anyway..

Yeah, I agree, it's the nerves. Try again and you'll be fine as you can never do that first punt again. Make sure you pick a decent girl though - use the reviews in your area to find one.


Offline Maltese

Taking viagra at your age does not make any sense. Also, viagra can be unreliable, it depends on people. In your case, abviously it's nerves.
Why don't you go to a massage parlour, it might be less intimidating than an escort.

Offline dc0582

First time I went for a punt, all I managed was a hand job, nerves and brain freeze got the better of me. Second time though, a while later was all great. Give it some time and have another go. You don't need viagra!

Edit - pints are beer, punts are women
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Offline stevedave

First time I went for a pint, all I managed was a hand job

Fuck, where do you drink?!  :D

Offline two20

I couldn't walk past a bakery without getting a hard on at your age. You don't need viagra, just don't try too hard and relax. I know it's easy to say but it is the answer.

Offline rathbone

I couldn't walk past a bakery without getting a hard on at your age.
Know what you mean, but your comment made me smile..  :D

OP - I agree with everyone else who's contributed, hopefully you can relax and enjoy it next time and things will go fine.

Offline zigzag

I honestly wasn't sure if I'd be able to get it up with a WG, but luckily chose a really good one who does proper DFK and is really good at her job and put me completely at ease and was up like a rock in seconds harder than its been for years, and im in mu 50's use this forum to find a good one and you should be able to relax and enjoy

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