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Author Topic: Zoie - Bayswater  (Read 825 times)

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Location: Several minutes walk from Bayswater station.

Comms: texted to book appointment + received text with postcode + texted my arrival at the postcode + received text with flat and street number.  Unlike some previous reports there were no problems with comms.

As I was walking towards the location a middle-aged Sikh, smartly dressed (formal shirt and tie) walked out a house and looked at me and randomly said “you’re a lucky man – do you want to know why?”  but I continued walking wearing my ‘nutter alert’ smile but it turned out that his words were prophetic.

The venue:  A tiny studio flat in a large terraced town house divided into a multitude of flats – not enough room to swing a hamster and not recommended for those suffering from claustrophobia.

The event: I saw her about a week ago.  I arrived on-time and initially gave Zoie £60 for one hour.  The photograph of her on the mattress on her AR profile is fairly accurate.  She does have a C-section scar and a bit of a belly but nothing too distressing.  I was told to disrobe downstairs before ascending the ladder to the bedroom.  I earned extra brownie points for not knocking my head on the beam at the top of the steps – something few have achieved.   So we started with an unorthodox (ticklish) massage and she tried to get between my legs a little too fast for my liking so I tried to keep my legs closed to prevent getting too excited, too soon (I like a bit of a gradual build-up).

She has nice breasts which she used in the B2B massage.  I gave them a nice long suck when I had the opportunity.  She then gave me some DFK whilst simultaneously furiously wanking me.  After a while she performed some deep OWO and ball licking (no ball sucking though) + massaging the lower and middle section my cock and with her pussy and fondling the helmet with her fingers as she sat astride me.  Then it was back to the furious wanking again with occasional deep OWO.   After a while I decided that I needed penetrative sex (an extra £20) and she slipped a condom on and proceeded to energetically ride me cowgirl style.  She was clearly getting a bit tired after a while so I got her on her back and finished in missionary.  It was a very hot day in an airless flat so we were both hot and exhausted by now.   I was offered a shower and then had to descend backwards down the ladder to reach the showerette (not enough space for a bath – so not a bathroom).    This was a really excellent punt and VFM as well.  May be I was a lucky man after all.

14 review(s) found for Zoie by massage linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative)

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