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Author Topic: Anyone seen any of these three?  (Read 963 times)

Looking at booking an hour long punt today in Cardiff, wondered if anyone had any info on any of these three girls...

https://www.adultwork.com/3416416 or

I think Isabella would be my first choice, I mean...look at her. But I'm always wary of the Brazillian/Spanish girls who pop up in town for just a few days.

Any info would he great, cheers guys.

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Offline Redevil86

I'd go and see Isabel blonde before she fucks off

You certainly like tits  :thumbsup: all of them have great racks. Not that this helps you though, sorry!

I'd say do them all and report back  :D

Offline HitnMiss

Saving my money for a top punt but very tempted with Isabella
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You certainly like tits  :thumbsup: all of them have great racks. Not that this helps you though, sorry!

I'd say do them all and report back  :D

I do indeed! Haha, although curves are my thing mainly. I'm not a fan of the pornstar looking girls with the tiny bodies and big boobs.

I'm a chunky girl lover.

Sadly, my bank account doesn't allow for all 3.

Might try and sneak Katie in this month too if I see Isabella today.

Offline newforthisyear

I've got Tara on my hot list, she's probs next for me

Love me a chubby
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Offline PMAC123

Seen 3 girls at the Brazilian place and they've all been great. Don't let that put you off at all. Also the other 2 are not even attractive to me, I'd say Isabelle all day.

Offline HughJardon

Isabella looks da  :bomb:

She must have arrived today,  may test drive later on

Love me a Brazilian... Hope she's got a shaven haven  :cool:

Offline HughJardon

Just read the 2 reviews,  which should have been my first move  :thumbsdown:

The review who gives a neutral says she is fat but on both reviews dress size isn't confirmed,  I know it's usually a guess with us geezers but I won't be interested if over a size 14. I'll need a back up option for a possible early walk.

I have not seen any of them but I would have gone for Isabella until I read Hugh's post. 

Personally called Isabella first, was gonna go see her.

Got to the location, and her directions on how to get to where she was, were absolutely atrocious.

Multiple calls, vague instructions, and no real idea of her location. I caught a cab back the train station, then found out my train was as delayed as the latest Guns n Roses album.

Gave Tara-may a text, and ended up having a great time.

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