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Author Topic: Claudya Porn - Limehouse/Poplar  (Read 4172 times)

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Literally just arrived back at the hotel after seeing Claudya.

The preamble
I haven't punted in a few weeks (the last one was a disaster  :scare: ) so was going to take my time over booking the next. Currently being put up in a hotel in the Poplar area with work, so wanted someone local.

Claudya Porn

Services - Massage, OWO, DT, Tit-wank, Mish, Cowgirl
Fee paid - £70 for 30 mins
The girl - Black hair, tattoos, massive tits, enhanced lips, pretty face, tall (compared to me, anyway)

I texted Claudya last night with no response. I figured it's because she only takes calls, but wasn't too bothered so left it. Got out of work today and was still thinking about her, so texted again thinking that if I got no reply in 10 minutes I'd call. She texted back straight away and we arranged the booking with a postcode texted back to me. As it turns out, I knew I'd be arriving early, so asked it that would be ok and it was. She then texted me the full address. First mistake here was she texted the wrong flat number - the entrance to the block of flats was one number, but she texted the number of one of the ground floor flats. A confused and slightly scared Australian girl came to the door to tell me I had the wrong place  :blush: Very embarrassing. I called Claudya and she guided me to the right door, but was still saying the wrong number.

Once inside I was really impressed by Claudya. She looks just like her photos, especially the one of her in the red/orange top. As another posted pointed out, she's a lot like the pornstar Lisa Ann, but looks a lot younger.

Upstairs to the room and was offered a shower which I accepted after sorting the paperwork and confirming services. Big en-suite room, plenty of toiletries and a decent shower.

Back to the bedroom and asked for a massage which seemed to surprise her. I think she thought I wanted to get straight down to it (I did, but I didn't want to blow too early - more on that in a bit). The massage was pretty rubbish but after a while it became b2b and there was some ball tickling, so I turned onto my back, she gave me a quick wipe and started the BJ mixed with tit-fucking. Great technique on the BJ. Plenty of spit, hands and deep throating. I knew I'd be popping soon so asked her to slow down as I knew I wouldn't manage 2 pops in half an hour. I hadn't planned on fucking her but she asked "Are you sure you don't want to fuck this pussy?" and that was enough to change my mind in a second! So johnny on and she climbed on top. She's a great fuck. Makes all the right noises and it's amazing to have those tits smothering my face! At this stage I knew I was going to pop, but unfortunately for me I came in the condom with her on top of me before I got a chance to rearrange for the CIM  :dash:

We sat and chatted for a little while afterwards. Claudya is really friendly and chatty and could make anyone feel at ease.

Back to the shower, dressed and back on the street just under 30 minutes after arriving. I wouldn't blame Claudya for this at all. I generally don't hang about after a punt.

The good Claudya is beautiful, engaging and eager to please.

The not-so-good The service might be a bit vanilla for everyone, but was just what I needed on the day.

The bad The mixup about the address. Could have been a disaster.

Really enjoyed my time with Claudya and might go back and see her again. She's only here for 2 weeks and leaves again on Sunday (so the "new in your area/last days" on her profile are both technically true). She did say that she comes over and back quite a bit.

7 review(s) found for Claudya Porn linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Sounds solid, do you know where she's from (or where she states she's from lol) ?

Sorry read her profile properly, answered my own question lol added to the HL

Profile is down already :(

It's working, I think she could be moving around or going back home

Thanks for review; good that CIM was on offer. She's been on my HL as I'm into that Lisa Ann look. Doubt I'll get chance  to check out her services this time round but defo keep an eye on her profile

Offline Persie

How naughty do you think she might be?
Banning reason: Stalking prossies on Facebook and threatening to out them

Saw her last week. Was a neutral for me. No FK was a bit of a downer.

Offline horsa

do you know if CIM is extra? and is her english basic or very good?

Offline me_iz007

saw her recently. will do a report soon. would rate her neutral due to the fact she dodged CIM. but she is fit as fuck. lisa ann fantasy done.

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