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Author Topic: Cathy The Famous One - Leeds  (Read 978 times)

21 review(s) for CATHY THE FAMOUS ONE (17 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Paul1738


£45 - 30 minutes

Tried booking Cathy a few times but never managed to match up our availabilities as she's quite busy. I later found out why. I finally managed to get a shortish notice booking sorted and off I set. Pulled up to her flat and let her know I'd arrived and she gave me the final directions up to her flat. Good, discreet entrance & plenty of free parking about which is always good.
Knocked on the door and was swiftly let in by Cathy. Quick peck on the cheek and she asked me to follow her up the stairs. Once in the bedroom I managed to get a good look at her. Dressed in a pink body stocking and a matching thong she looked fit. Cracking slim, mid 30's petite lass with a pert little bum made even sexier by her slight Irish accent. All very cute and I was impressed with what was in front of me.
I left the money in front of the massive tv playing some generic porn. Some hairless muscled fella with a cock the size of a tube of Pringles was smashing some blonde, plastic, big titted Barbie doll type.

Dived in the shower after Cathy turned it on for me, which is always a nice touch. I was in and out in a minute ready for action. Cathy asked if I fancied a massage or in her words "to get stuck in to each other?" I chose the latter. We laid on the bed for a bout of DFK and exploring each other bodies with our hands. After a while, Cathy moved down to take me in her mouth for some excellent OWO. A wet and sloppy PSE type one. Running her tongue round the head, rubbing it over her face and over her lips every now and again. Brilliant. After a few minutes she got up to remove her thong, hitched up her body stocking and plonked her lovely shaved little pussy on my face where I lapped away like a demented dog. 5 minutes of this and she got up again to remove the body stocking and positioned herself perpendicular to me so she said I could watch her try deep throating me. And off she went. Gagging, chocking, slurping, drooling, all those noises that make it fucking fantastic. Not long after I told her I was close to coming, to which she asked if I could cum twice or should she stop? I let her know I could definitely cum twice so she said great and I had to cum in her mouth. Music to my ears. Mouth back on me like a Dyson and she sucked a massive load out of me. I think it took her by surprise and she couldn't hold it all, it went everywhere. In her mouth, on her face and some on me. She slowly dribbled what cum she had in her mouth out down her chin and all over my cock. It looked absolute filth and I loved it. Most intense orgasm I'd had in a while. Cathy can certainly suck a cock. No doubt about it.
I sat up on the bed before feeling dizzy and deciding to lay back down again. Cathy cleaned me up first even though she still had my cum on her face before sorting herself out. A true professional.
Back on the bed for some more kissing. We were at it like a couple of teenagers. Before long Cathy's hand found my cock and down she went again. Quick suck to get my cock extra hard before a condom was applied. Cathy climbed on in reverse cowgirl and started bouncing away then grinding then squatting. I chipped in with a bit of work from below and didn't really want to change position as we were going right at it. Cathy leant back and put her hands on my chest and raised herself up a bit so I could grip her slim little waist/arse and just fuck her with all I had. Gave her a right good battering and the squelching sounds started and I could feel her getting very warm and very wet. She demanded that I fuck her harder so I gritted my teeth and took it up a notch before coming to another shuddering orgasm. Fuck me I was ruined.
Cathy climbed off and cleaned me up. The rest is a bit of a blur. I remember grabbing another shower and getting dressed before Cathy mentioned we didn't even try out some of her toys. I looked down the side of the bed and there was one that was plugged into the fucking mains!! Told her we'd try them next time.

Quick kiss and a hug at the door and I'm out and on my way back to the car with a spring in my step. Got back in my car 40 minutes after leaving it.
Absolutely superb meet with an extremely enthusiastic woman. Sucked and fucked me senseless for half an hour and all for £45!!

21 review(s) found for CATHY THE FAMOUS ONE linked to in above post (17 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Great review matey !! Looked at her a few times-When am next in the area she is on the to do list !!

Offline stevedave

Good review thanks, I had a cracking time with Cathy earlier in the year, it was non stop from beginning to end. More energy than the Duracell bunny that lass  :thumbsup:

Online mrfishyfoo

Great review fella.  :drinks: :drinks:

Can't beat it when a lass dribbles cum down her chin. Just filthy  :yahoo:

Offline Paul1738

Aye, she's a great lass. Seen her a few times now since this first review and each been the same intensity. I don't normally punt such petite lasses, prefer 'em a bit bigger, but I've enjoyed getting my hands on her trim little body.

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