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Author Topic: Demy-Leigh Brookes, Maidenhead  (Read 505 times)

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Offline Oralone

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Following recent bad feedback I think I owe it to all to post my experience last Friday.
I met Demy-Leigh in a hotel near Maidenhead, her usual location is in the North West of England.  Her AW profile looked okay, and I just wanted half an hour to unload.  Comms were very good, and I turned up at the appointed time.  She answered the door in lacy underwear, clearly showing off her petite foxy figure, and I was no sooner in the room than her phone rang.  She gestured to me to get undressed whilst talking to a punter, and explaining to him that she was with a client.  She told him that she couldn’t see him until 4.30, and at this time it was just after 4.00, my thoughts were “conveyor belt”.
She finished her phone call, and turned her attention to me to ask me to put a review on AW.  I suggested that we both ought to be naked before even considering a review (although I was already considering one even at this point).  Just before going down on me her phone rang again “I’ve got to take this one coz it’s my mate – she is in the room next door”.  Another conversation where she tells her mate that she will be free at 4.30.  So, on with the punt, the oral begins and features lots of spitting “I have to spit because pre-cum tastes horrible, and anyway you blokes love me spitting” – not this one. I tried oral on her, but don’t know why, maybe to use up the time.  Demy-Leigh then got on top, but to be honest I don’t think I could get an erection at this time, and then she said “you had better get on with it, you’ve only got 10 minutes left”.  With those seductive words ringing in my ears I upped and left – but not before she took another call, and told the bloke that she was with a client and could see him in 10 minutes!

3 review(s) found for Demy-Leigh Brookes  linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for the review, which backs up a previous, recent negative review. So thanks for bumping that as well.  :hi:

She sounds a real piece of work. Her attitude smacks of: "I'm really good looking and you're extremely lucky to be shagging me at £80, even if I make absolutely no effort".

On to the BL she goes.

Just use the short address link

For some reason, the 2nd review isn't linking:
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3 review(s) found for Demy-Leigh Brookes  linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

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