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Author Topic: Best London Escort 2016!  (Read 1466 times)

Offline DOMFEM

Can anyone tell me who is the best London Escort for 2016 that you have seen so far. I know we have a few contenders out there which include Platinum Cindy (which has been review quite a lot), Emma Leigh, Jasmine Black and Yasmine James? But wins over price or quality in your ratings.

Offline d00fer

Why don't you go first and give us your top ten.

Offline DOMFEM

Here you go!

Emma Leigh
Jasmine Black
Girlfriend Carmen
English Isabelle
Pornstar Angela
Caprice Jane
Humiliation Heather
Massage by Angelina
English Glamour Doll

Offline StevenS

Interesting that angelina made it in. I have her hot listed.

Offline thorltd

Priya in soho cheap punt best shag ive had

Offline SamLP

+1  :thumbsup:

Well to be fair he has, but now he needs to follow up with reviews of those girls as that would be more helpful.

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