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Author Topic: B2B massage Northwood  (Read 566 times)

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Shouldn't have done it, cock ruled brain that day.

So I went to my fave in Northwood Hills but the girl was busy for an hour. By then I had the horn on. Couldn't find anything on Aw locally, so random Google search brought up http://www.massageinnorthwood.co.uk

Gave them a call and 10 mins later I was there. In the flats above Prezzo in Northwood.

I asked if sex was on offer, and was told "let's see how we get on baby". As is a theme with me I should've walked at that point, but I carried on. Lady is oriental, old I'd say mid 40s. Great body, big firm tits. Look enhanced, but felt natural.

She took the cash wanted £55 30 mins. I was only armed with £50 which she complained about but accepted.

Told to strip and lie on massage table (there is no bed, which should've set alarm bells ringing, but my cock was in charge by then). She came back a couple of minutes later, striped down and proceeded to B2B massage. Which wasn't very good, just her rubbing her tits on my stomach and legs. Very little attention to my cock until I pushed her hand down that way.

She was OK with me groping her and allowed me to such her tits.

At this stage I still wasn't sure what was on offer (stupid stupid me, I should've cleared all this upfront). Asked for a bj, told that maybe if I come back as a regular! Asked for sex,  same reply.

So overall she gave me a Hj, allowed me to grope her and that's it.

She wrapped me up after 10/15 mins max (I think as I only gave £50 instead of £55)

Overall I messed up on this as went in with wrong expectations,  but her own "let's see how it goes" was very misleading.

For £55 there has to be better B2B out there. I should've stayed home and had a wank, was so pissed at myself for wasting my £50. Really should've walked.
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