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Author Topic: Massages  (Read 1858 times)

Offline Stevie g

Rak Thai spa Maidstone kent, lovely place to go after a workout in the gym, girls are lovely and firm, if your just looking for a sports massage or a gentle time then this is the place, extras haven't seen or heard of any from there all straight, but worth a punt
Banning reason: Tout

How can it be worth a punt if no punting is offered. This is a sexual service buyers forum

Steve g,

I have to echo pewpewpew's comments, unless the 'gentle time' you referred to equals sensual?
Please include, contact number/ website address, include the name of the establishment/girl and the location in the title. Also more specific details and fewer vague generalities are always appreciated. Please take a look at this link below and other contributors reviews to assist with your future submissions;


Is this the correct link?


Offline krish

Thanks Steve, good information - ignore the naysayers

Online kamu

Thanks Steve, good information - ignore the naysayers

So good that he's now banned for touting :thumbsup:

I bought a lovely pair of shoes from this girl in schu a few weeks back. Nothing sexual was on offer but they are nice shoes.  Definitely worth a punt

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