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Author Topic: Crystal.Sensual.xxx (Harrow on the Hill)  (Read 1334 times)

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Price: £90 for 1 hour

I was in the mood for a Milf the other day and I saw that Crystal had just arrived back in London. As I've seen her once before a few years ago when she was in Southfields I know how good she is.

Comms were via text, she text me her address and I phoned when I arrived at Harrrow on the Hill station to get her door number.
Crystal is located in a very clean and tidy flat just up the road from the station. 

Crystal greeted me at her door looking very sexy in a tight short dress and heels. As soon as the door was closed she started DFKing me while I squeezed her nice round arse and then rubbed her pussy.

After about five minutes of this we then moved into the bedroom, she asked me if I wanted a drink and then went off to get a glass. When she came back I gave her the money, there was more DFKing while I was played with her pussy again and she had her hand down my trousers.

After about a few minutes of this we moved to the bed where I started fingering and licking her pussy, which by this point was very wet. After this we both finally took our clothes off and she started giving me a nice bj. It was particularly deep but she's got a good technique.

This carried on until I came in her mouth and she lent over the bed to spit it into a tissue. I was still hard at this point so she began giving me another bj and put her pussy in my face so I could lick it again.

After this it was on with the rubber and I fucked her for a while I'm missionary while Crystal lay there with her legs spread wide open. I then flipped her over and fucked her for quite a while in doggy while she moaned and held onto the headboard. The view of her arse from behind was great and she was very tanned from her holiday.

We finished with her riding me in cowgirl while I sucked her nice big tits. We then had a chat while I got dressed and Crystal gave me a kiss and a hug before I left.

All in all it was a great punt probably even better then the first punt I had with her in Southfields. For an older woman she's got a great body. I'll definitely have to go back and see her again at some point.

13 review(s) found for Crystal.Sensual.xxx linked to in above post (13 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline dubhcarr

glad you enjoyed...she is a game girl and very consistent SP ......thanks for the review I have been wanting to get back to see her for ages...

Offline iPad3

She has a lot to answer for!! A quick fuck to tick the prossie box off and I was supposed to leave it there, 5 years on and because she was so damn good I'm still at it.

I'm even tempted to go and give her another go!!

Top lady!!

glad you enjoyed...she is a game girl and very consistent SP ......thanks for the review I have been wanting to get back to see her for ages...

She certainly is a game girl, I wish I hadn't of left it 3 years to go back and see her again lol

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