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Author Topic: Wales / CARDIFF **FFM with Elen@Raluka & sweet.anna.  (Read 678 times)

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Offline Hotmat

Elen@Raluka https://www.adultwork.com/2552537

sweet.anna.  https://www.adultwork.com/3560051

CF11, The classic Brook street haunt. Parking is fairly easy with free 2 hours limited parking on Lower Cathedral rd.
The flat was clean and tidy, but don't expect any decoration. It's a long serving punting flat.
2 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.

Security :
Nobody as far as I could tell.


How long :

Like photo?
They are the girls in the photo, which is a good start but the photos are flattering…

They both speak good English and organise the meetings themselves. No external interference.

Elen@Raluka was the most disappointing one of the 2. She had a flabby tummy with a lot of stretch marks and a massive caesarean scar (which is why all the photos are taken in a special angle I suppose). She has big tits but they do sag if I have to be critical. The belly situation really did put me off. Anna is in good shape. I mean she is much younger, so it can't get really bad. She does have a few extra pounds, but more baby fat than post pregnancy extra weight.

They are both OK looking. Elen in a more past her prime way, Ana because she is still fresh. Nothing to write home about though, I would turn on them if I walked by in the street.

None what so ever. We did crack some laugh together, but it all felt SOOOO mechanical.

The condom was on before I could say anything. Average plus BJ from Elen, Ana did not suck much.

OK, I was hoping for a full on orgy of FFM. I mean joint BJ, a bit of lesbian pussy licking, a bit of doggy, BJ, doggy action. It seems they have never watched any porn. I mean while I was working on one, the other was literally waiting her turn without interaction. Ana apparently could not take too much of my pounding (man I did not know I had such a huge tool [sarcastic] ! ) so Elen had to volunteer most of the way. Bottom line, it was so mechanical that after 45 minutes of pounding I could not come... If anything I did enjoy shagging one doggy while fingering the other but that is pretty much the highlight of this £200 extravaganza.

Lips, no tongues.

No way Jose.

** Conclusion **

Value for money :
Not at all. It really felt like they were counting sheep.

Would I return ?
No chance.

Would I recommend ?
When I read the feedback they have on AW, I cannot figure it out how guys can say what's there. No guys, don't go there, there is much better out there.
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3 review(s) found for Elen@Raluka linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)
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Online Corus Boy

Q: What can be worse than one Romanian girl behind the green door?

A: Two!  :D

Q: What can be worse than one Romanian girl behind the green door?

A: Two!  :D

Priceless CB

Rather have a wank than book a Roma, but each to their own.

Online Redevil86

Try the nightmare that was four !!!!!!! Not at the same time mind ! Lesson learnt !

Well glad to say, never spent a copper coin on one.

Whilst they look hot.. Seen to many horror stories to waste my time..

Online pork sword

Thanks to this site I've never been tempted to.. :thumbsup:

Online Redevil86

'Twas my days before uk p ! I did't even know that Romanians did prostitution, never mine the fact thay were  rippin me off and pissing them selves !
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