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Author Topic: Cocochaneloxoxx  (Read 1219 times)

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Feeling sad that Ruby Ann had retired i was on a mission to find me a replacement ebony girl to visit but there wasn't many that were ticking the boxes. came across this one thought i'd give it a go

https://www.adultwork.com/3437839 or https://www.adultwork.com/Cocochaneloxoxx
Comms: number is only answered when profile is green 'avaialble today' otherwise there's no answer. Easy to speak to and arrange a booking
Location: nice area of birmingham not to far from broad street

the apartment itself is secure with electronic gates and doors. Nice clean flat and no funny smells with shower facilites available.

Looks:  absoutley stunning definately the girl in the photo's, size 8-10 and curves in the right places, great arse and tits.
The Punt: met at the door by a stunning looking girl in sexy laced lingerie. Got the paper work out the way, which she went away to put in another room as i got comfortable. She came back and we started with a her doing a bit of a strip show for me and then undress me. clothes off and she grinded her arse against my cock while a got a hand full of her breasts to fundle with. turned her around to face me and she says "no kissing"!! (yes thats right she doesnt like to be kissed let alone french kissed). so thought glad i didnt go for the hour now, instead I started sucking on her lovely tits and then got her to lie down on the bed as i tried to work my way down with my hands to rub her clit and she stops me again. "not touching or licking pussy" she says. WTF! now what am i suppose to do now that i've got myself all worked up and the fella's gone up. So got her to give me oral which was pleasant. Thought if she aint gona let me touch her pussy or kiss her lips, then im gona get my cock right down her throat. Got her to lay her head on the end of the bed and gave a good deep throat fucking making her gag. She took it all and choked a few times but didnt complain so i was happy with that. Next on with the rubber did a few positions, doggy being my fave as the view of her arse bouncing was great. Requesetd we finish with CIM and her to swallow it all and then suck me further. She manged to take it all in her mouth but didnt swallow instead held it in her mouth and went away to spit it out in the bath room.
Would I go back, probably not due to no kissing or clit play. She is nowhere close to as good as Ruby was service wise and I don't think she is right for this job. But even if i don't compare her to Ruby the no kissing and touching the pussy makes it a negative for me

1 review(s) found for English Marnie x linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Borat

Sorry to hear bro but with a face like that, I wouldn't particularly want to kiss her let alone go down on her.
Thanks for the review.

not sure what face pics you looked at unless you paid to view her private gallery I can assure you she wern't no minger

She looks pretty hot to me, a bit like Jasmine Webb

Offline Borat

Saw her veri pic. Perhaps she is attractive to some. Definitely not me. Horses for courses an all that....

Suppose your right borat everyone has their preferences i just have a thing for black and Thai girls, plus she was more dolled up when I saw her. 

You get some really hot EE girls out there but I tend to avoid EE's (unless they are well reviewed) as most of them have a bad attitude and the language barrier can sometimes dampen the mood and be frustrating. Also it's not always the girl in the pic but I suppose that's their tactic, fake pics and cheap prices for rubbish service.

Offline Borat

I personally prefer EEs as you take your chances with them. The good thing is that sometimes B&S can be more attractive. I don't care much for conversation as I dictate the whole of the time. Sadly the downside is you can never be sure whether they're coerced or not with a language barrier. I like black girls too but they'd have to be attractive to me. There were one or two over the years at Lush but they've long gone and the agency is a bit of a farce now as the girls are bare backers trying to suck you into paying more for that

I don't get it.  Her profile says she likes "receiving oral" and "Full GFE Service" but she told you no kissing.  Feels like false advertising.

Offline escortman

Thanks for review

Not for me yuk ..

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