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Author Topic: London / Erotic Samantha / AdultWork / I chose poorly!  (Read 576 times)

8 review(s) for Hedonistic Sammy (2 positive, 0 neutral, 6 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Hello gents! New on UKP (although not exactly new to punting, but quite new to doing reviews). And it’s a shame I’m starting off with a negative – but had the same experience as some of you guys, so thought I’d share.
So, like a fair few others on here (and on AW), I went to see ‘Erotic’ (ha!) Samantha – hadn’t seen the UKP reviews, but had seen the AW Feedbacks where she’s got about 8 bad ones out of a 100 (they cut off at 100) – should have been a warning, really, but the other Feedbacks and Field Reports were very enthusiastic; and she looked really hot in the AW pics (however, having looked back at them now, I realise that apart from one pic where she’s slightly smiling, she’s pretty much expressionless – the Victoria Beckham of AW – and that’s how she was all session).
Anyway, she turned out, as others have found, to be not at all ‘engaged’ with me or the session, even though she reckoned she was! Pretty hopeless as an escort – possibly/probably WORST punt I’ve had.
These are three (of the 8) bad FBs from AW – chosen because they all represent my experience (especially the bit about ‘and that radio’ – had the News on – loud!):
tony.soprano: Bad attitude, very very miserable lady I have ever seen. Don't know where on earth she came from.
UnluckyDreams: awful, no interest, tired, and that radio..... worst punt so far.
zuffle: OK booking, she seemed disinterested and kept disappearing from the room for long periods.
Nevertheless, I did actually manage to cum (didn’t think I would at one point) – but only due to me lying back and thinking of a session I’d had with another escort, lol!
However, there are a load of other punters out there (around 92 out of the first 100 FB-leavers on her AW page, for starters) who would disagree. So, it could very well be something to do with me - and the 7 (or  more) others - or whatever – but I certainly would NOT recommend (and won’t be going back - obviously) – looks like it’s a bit hit-and-miss with her.

8 review(s) found for Hedonistic Sammy linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 6 negative)

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