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Author Topic: Ruby - Annabella's Milton Keynes  (Read 294 times)

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Bit of a lucker so thought it was about time I gave something back. I've left loads on the P.N site in my time, but have drifted away from that site and I don't actually punt that much any more, so try to make it count when I do.

I booked Ruby a good few days in advance as I'd read the overwhelmingly positive reviews on her and her service. I accessed the apartment about 5 minutes early and was shown to the room by Ruby. My initial thoughts were I was a bit disappointed in her looks and didn't really fancy her facially. I'd say a notch below plain and I wouldn't have given her a double take if I passed her in the street.

Her figure is pretty good with a decent set of false duds and a great arse. I can't say much for her personality, as she probably only spoke about 10 words to me in the whole appointment. Maybe that's an indication in itself.

Anyway she arrived back in the room about 5 minutes after the start time. Straight into DFK, which was very firm and her tongue was like a whirling dervish. It was OK but I didn't find it particularly sensual or that erotic.

Things progressed to OWO. This was pretty good, but again a little firm for my tastes and she had this sort of hard double-tap technique on the bottom of the head bob. There wasn't any of the DT I'd heard about and was hoping for. There was quite a prolonged bout of oral before we switched to reverse O. This was pretty good and after a few minutes Ruby pretended to cum and I pretended to believe her.

Time was ticking on, so I suggested we progress the appointment to the next stage. Not sure she was that keen and after a glance at her watch decided it was OK.  There was still 5-odd minutes left, plus she was late coming back into the room. Anyway, the little fella decided he wasn't going to play ball, so I thought I'd go back to getting a blowie and see what her famed swallow was all about. That didn't happen either and after taking a load in her mouth, off she promptly ran to the bog.

All the services were performed ok, but I left the appointment scratching my head and wondering what all the fuss was about. I can't say I'll be rushing back.

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