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Author Topic: Sophia Rosa N14  (Read 992 times)

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Positive bordering on Neutral. See what you think:

After a few days of walking on WG's I really needed to fuck.

Came across this one.

Called and the phone was answered by a maid. She didn't pretend to be the WG! A first for me. Described the WG as size 8 bra size I can't remember and " they are all hers" nice face, speaks good English  etc etc. Gives me the pricing as £60 for 30 and £110 for 60. There was a 15 min price but I can't remember it. £50 or £40 I guess. Prices are different on the profile. Not bothered by the £1 increase on her 30 min rate lol. Said I'd come and would be there in 10. Gives me the directions to the door. That's a first as well. Told to call when I arrive and park as they have walk ups apparently. What this means is whoever gets there first because when I called after I'd parked to make sure she was still available, she answered the phone asked me to hold and was on another phone directing them to the door.

I obviously got there first.

Southgate. Up the hill from the tube station. Very close to the Asda up the hill, where you can park. It is around the back of a small row of buildings. Ground floor. Whilst the entrance itself is discreet, walking to it leaves you walking in view of some retail units where staff were out smoking. Maybe a hair dressers or something, didn't look. Was too busy checking out the brunette that was having a fag. Once you turn the corner round to the back, you're good. My kitchen is bigger then the total square footage/space this location provides! The bedroom whilst small is actually very nice. Maybe the nicest I've been in on a punt. Small kitchen directly opposite it and a small bathroom directly opposite the entry door.

Door answered by the old lady/maid. Who took me the 3 steps to the bedroom. Porn playing on the TV in the bedroom lol. Saw Sophia through the curtain (not door) to the kitchen taking off her dress. She came in in some sexy lingerie. My mistake now was not confirming services. After 3 previous attempts at a punt and walking I really needed to fuck so that's all I really wanted lol.

Gave her £60 for 30.

She offers me a drink. I ask for water. She goes off with the cash and comes back. I take a sip and she starts undressing. Would've liked to do that for her as part of the warm up. Oh well. Go in for a kiss. She turns away. Extra apparently. Fucks sake! Play with her breasts. No scaring but I wasn't examining them in depth with my eyes and didn't check her pits but I think they are fake. There were two different "feels" to them in parts.

Anyway, OW then told her to play with herself which she did. Told her to cum. Then stopped her as she got into it (fake maybe) but good eye contact throughout. Missionary where I pounded away varying the position of her legs. Some moans from her which I assume we're fake. Eventually put them to her side. Told her to get up whilst I sat on a stool she has by the wardrobe and told her to back up to me. Doggy like this which reminded me of that time with Barbie cumming. She's been the best one in this dry ass north london punting scene! Slapped this ones ass lightly once twice then after the third and was given a tut tut. Seriously?! lol. Ok so no spanking.

On to standing doggy, (her favourite apparently when I asked moans sounded a little different but who knows/cares) her head and arms on the bed. Mirror on the wall gave me a good view or myself as I admired the results of my recent cut for summer and how after 3 weeks of no training or eating right, I still looked good lol oh and her hips and ass jiggling. Bust my nut like this pulled out and she removed the rubber after which I cleaned up.

Had a chat. She's nice to talk to and quite friendly. Shame her service seemed a tad mechanical but her eye contact was good throughout. Speaks good English too. Spanish accent(half Spanish half English according to her) some touches of a London accent in there every now and then.

Recommend? Yes and no. Profile isn't 100% accurate obviously. Whether you can book a time or not I don't know, but I told them I was coming and she was still directing someone to the door who was clearly on their way at that very time also. So maybe ask. Extra for kissing: no idea how much.

Return? Maybe maybe not. Plan C maybe, I enjoyed the sex but I think Barbie will be my solid plan b I think for north London in the future. Either way I'm giving up for a while. Who knows when I'll be tempted back. But if BM keeps posting up these Latinas it may be sooner rather then later. I almost went to Stratford earlier cos of him lol

2 review(s) found for Sophia Rosa linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Bassman

Oh and I forgot, no fingering allowed.

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