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Author Topic: Miss Sunita Sunita - Birmingham  (Read 1640 times)

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Saw this young lady a few weeks ago, so sorry for the late review.

Originally wanted to see a more mature woman ( was in that sort of mood ) but couldn't find one that I liked that was working during my few days in Brum – probably looking after the kids in the school holidays. I'd spotted Sunita's profile a few months back when she first appeared on AW, but thought I'd seen one of the profile pictures before so wasn't sure if she was for real. Anyway, as plans A, B and C were out the window I thought I'd give her a chance and contacted her.

Communication was very good and we arranged to meet at my hotel. She only does outcalls and to be honest I prefer hotel meets anyway, so that wasn't a problem. Explained what I wanted and she said no problem.

She arrived a few minutes early and looked absolutely stunning. She is a very, very beautiful young woman, slim, smartly dressed and her profile pictures are accurate. Talked for a couple of minutes while sorting the paperwork and she was chatty and seemed inteligent. I thought I'd struck really lucky.

I started the session by trying to kiss her but she turned her head away and said that she “doesn't do kissing” - the DFK we'd agreed on wasn't going to happen then ( I checked later and I haven't got bad breath, neither had I been eating anything smelly !! ). Tried to kiss her neck but she exploded in fits of laughter and said she was really tickelish around her neck and shoulders. If we'd have been in a relationship I'd have found that rather cute, but as it was we weren't and I didn't. Undressed her, lay her on the bed and started to eat her pussy, which to be fair did taste rather good. No movement, no sound, nothing. OK I'm probably not as good at this as every other WG tells me, but the least she could have done was pretend.

There was then a fairly lacklustre blow job ( she stopped twice and I had to ask her to carry on, as I was expecting more than 20 or 30 seconds ). Then back on the bed for covered doggie, cowgirl without much movement by her and a finish with Mish. Pretty much silence from her throughout all of that.

Was glad when the session ended to be honest. Don't know if we just didn't “hit it off” or if I'm losing my touch, but even so that's no reason for such a poor service anyway.

In short, beautiful young woman, crap experience, wouldn't bother again.

4 review(s) found for Miss Sunita Sunita linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Discord

Doesn't sound like you enjoyed it very much so that is a shame a you probably feel like you wasted your money a bit. 

When she says she only does outcalls am I right in thinking that means you yourself have to book the hotel (or own a local apartment as I think it says on her page) as opposed to her booking the hotel?  If so that sounds kind of odd as you would think if she couldn't offer incalls she would just work from a hotel herself like escorts do that are on tour.  Not that she is on tour herself of course but it seems to me like it would be kind of a hassle if you had to organise a hotel as well as the cost of her fee if wanting to see her so surely that would put many people off from booking her.     

Offline Borat

Thanks for toftt mate. Sorry to hear the experience. I had near encounters with her but the couple of times she was my plan b, my plan As kept to their word. Of course I wouldn't book a hotel just to meet the likes of her as it's too much for a prossie.
Would you say she was a proper Indian? As in brought up here etc?

Offline Dusktildawn

Should have read my review and not wasted your time

She is pretty but so up herself and uninterested and terrible at denying services agreed for no reason
Banning reason: Trolling on UKE

Thanks for the comments guys.

Discord - Yes, outcalls mean the meetings are at your hotel. Not a problem for me as I was booked into a hotel anyway and I prefer the WG coming to me rather than having to find an address in a city that I'm not that used to. You can, of course, book day rooms at hotels, but that does push the price of the meet up.

Borat - Yes, I would say she is definitely of  Indian decent but was born and brought up in UK. Has a Brummie accent rather than an Indian one !

Dusktildawn - I admit I should have done more research. I usually do but was beginning to panic when plans A to C didn't work. Actually read your review just after I posted mine dohhhhhh !

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