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Author Topic: EbonyRosa - West ham  (Read 690 times)

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Offline dami3n

Was hanging about stratford 3 weeks ago and plan A fell through so I hit up the old local search specifically for some dark chocolate and Rosa fit my bill, limited feedback was promising and comms quick and easy plus I guessed the West ham location was one i was familiar with ...same punt haunt where Cleo blonde works

good english with an afro-french accent, taller than your average at 5'8 and in her sexy heels about 6" ...tight micro dress so quite a sight, nice pair of C's with some natural sag but nothing bad, cheeky bubbly girl, nice smile with 'that' glint in her eye, introductory grope and kiss and I gave her the papers

she flicked on some Rihana playlist and we chucked our clothes to the floor, pretty full on FK, she was on my tits, ears and shit, bit PSE but I loved it, OWO, Cowgirl was well and enthusiastically delivered and she was grinding and gyrating to that ri ri soundtrack, boom shook the room and we chatted before round two, she was quickly arousing my desires with a sexy twerky dance before the mirror as she directed my hands all over her body and I was back in the game in no time, got her back in her heels for some tall girl standing action, standing mish, standing doggy, took it back to the bed for some downward dogging and she was twerking as I hit that, couldn't get a hold of her arse as she was doing her thing, clearly having too much fun and pop goes the weasel (how are my lyrical puns working for you guys :hi:)

top top marks for a high energy punt, after recent run ins with a few 'bed candy' girls that wanna lay back and look pretty this was welcome freaky punt, had some other talent to audition so never made it back before she moved location, would revisit next time she's in the vicinity.

she had a weave-on (not uncommon) with a distinct petroleum based smell that caught my nose off guard a few times like tha fuck is that smell? not superimposing or majorly offputting but I just smelt ...petrol :unknown:

https://www.adultwork.com/3460923 or https://www.adultwork.com/EbonyRosa

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