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Author Topic: Christinagrey2016 - oxford  (Read 530 times)

Offline Dingo1

Hi all,

Has any one seen this girl? She keeps showing as available, looks great and only £100 p/h!! But he feedback is very low...

Think I'm experienced enough now to make a safe bet but not sure about this one, thanks in advance


Offline Cunning Punt

Not seen her but noticed her around for a long time (had a previous profile). She was threatening to retire for months then took a break and came back with a new profile.

However, there's nothing on here for either profile for the past 2 years, which is indicative in itself.

Plus, it seems it would be a very vanilla service - no FK, no OWO.

And the stated age of 23 is a joke. She's well into her 30s.

Offline Dingo1

Thanks CP.. thought there was something not right with it and I do like 'em a little less vanilla.  A girl a had a duo with is in Oxford from Saturday for a few  so I think my money is better spent there instead.

Offline Cunning Punt

A girl a had a duo with is in Oxford from Saturday for a few  so I think my money is better spent there instead.

I take it that's Stephanie James. A review would be most welcome if you get the time because your duo meeting is the only review of Stephanie - and, understandably, the action was mainly re Scarlet.  :hi:

£130ph is some wedge for an unproven escort and she doesn't do CIM or anal, so I'm sure many punters would be interested in Stephanie's keenness/ability in FK and OWO.

Offline Dingo1

Haha, busted... it certainly is. I'm seeing her tomorrow morning and will put a review up as soon as I can.   As for OWO and FK I can confirm they were both on offer last time and (hopefully) see no reason why they shouldn't be this time.

As oxford is so barren most of the time here's her link(not intended to promote, only to help other poor oxford punters and those curious as to who we are talking about)


3 review(s) found for Stephanie James linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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