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Author Topic: Liwia - London Royal Massage (Chancery Lane)  (Read 2718 times)

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Offline panpro

Hi ya. It was my first time going to such b2b massage and I was really impressed!

So I called the number to book. Shortly after, I received a text telling me where to go. The place is 5-minute away from the Chancery Lane tube station. From what Liwia told me, the Chancery Lane place is much cleaner and better than the Baker Street one. So I suggest you go for this one.

Just like what it says on the web, Liwia is an early 30s blonde polish woman. Her face is not that exquisite but quite attractive for a women at her age. Her body is in good shape. It's probably size 8-10. She got no tattoo or any piercings. Her tits are probably cup B rather C as advertised on the web. Anyway her tits are perky with really nice and pointy nipples. Her ass is firm.

I went for an hour with b2b and prostate massage. The price is £100. Quite expensive but I just wanna have an experience.
Her massage skill is not great compared to those Chinese or Thai massage parlours. But we didn't come here for it, did we?
And next, it was the b2b bit. This one was great though. She laid her whole body on top of me and rubbed my body. She switched between b2b and stroking my cock for a while. Then here comes the prostate massage. So I was standing on my knees just like a woman during the doggy. One of her hands was stroking my cock. At the same time, she pinched her oily little finger into my hole. At first it was painful but after a while it felt good. However I didn't think she did it properly though. She didn't pinch it deep enough to reach the proper position of the prostate gland.

Lastly she is an extremely friendly person. We kept chatting for the whole course of the massage while she was doing her job. It was really intimate.
I can't say for sure if the picture on the website is her or not. But I can say for sure she is really nice. I'd recommend anyone use her service.

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Offline jstrongerrrrr

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Hi ya. It was my first time going to such b2b massage and I was really impressed!.....

You sound like a woman. Are you the receptionist or manager of London Royal Massage?  :sarcastic:

Offline Fredbone

I visited the same place and met the same lady Liwia, just back from holiday in Rome.

The discription is correct and my massage was about the same good, but not great.  I main issue is the shower does not work correctly - starts off cold, then get hot then very hot.

My other experience was with Natt (Polish again) early twenties great body and good massage.

Booking via text works well.

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