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Author Topic: NAUGHTY MIA!! - Southampton  (Read 357 times)

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TOFTT but it was a bad luck - http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+southampton-so14/new-new-new-for-you-guys----/127258842

I had an eye on this profile for sometime but did not want to take the risk. However, there was not much choice today with most W/Gs on my hot list were not available so I went for this vanilla punt and was desperate.

She looks very charming in the pics. They may be 3 or 4 years old at the least and are air brushed. She called me to a hotel but when I called for the room number after reaching there, she informed to meet her outside the hotel. I met her then we went to the room and she had a key.

She was not knowing how to lock the door from inside and almost left it open and I noticed and locked it.

It was £70 for 30 mins. No OWO and no kissing.

So got rid of the clothes and then started hugging etc. My little fella was up and asked her to do oral and she covered it. Then asked her to do cowgirl and then went for missh. She had bad breath and smelled as if she ate mustard sauce or whatever it was. Pussy seemed tight enough. The bed was wobbly and was making lot of noise and she was worried and was wide eyed. All of a sudden she jumped as there was a knock on the door. We got up and it was the neighbor guest's room and then she wanted to check her phone. My little fella went to sleep. I was bit concerned if she has permission to be in the room or not but did not want to get into that discussion and digress from the action.

Okay, back to some covered oral  and then hugging and then I went for doggy but by now I got bit worried of being there and wanted to get done with. I helped myself and that was all.


- Seemed like a nice and friendly girl
- Did not rush or do clock watch
- Big bum


- Boobs were not firm enough
- Does not look as charming as the pics
- No OWO and kissing
- Interrupted me twice due to noises
- Bad breath

Will I go again - No

Would have given a neutral if she did not interrupt me during the action.
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