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Author Topic: Flirty - dirty - Giulia  (Read 653 times)

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10/10 = excellent text messages {poss via maid}


8/10 = small flats near Walsall Manor Hospital, felt ok, fairly safe

AND THAT WAS THE GOOD BIT....... :thumbsdown:

Guilia - I hadnt checked her pic for a while but think i had a Bait and switch, nice body but horrid face with some front teeth issues and big scar on her lip

nice legs and firm, large boobs.

asked what service and i changed my mind from 1hr for £80 {with oral} to 30mins with HE

asked to strip and get on the bed... no shower, cigs in the ashtrays.... horrid room....

any way stripped off and  thought, well its £40 for 30 mins and the massage may be ok, it is body to body after all......

she got naked and boobs looked very tasty, bit of a tummy but thought well may just be ok for a quick cum


quick rub of oil on theback {5mins} asked to turn over

ok here goes...... she grabbed my cock and waked it so hard i had to tell her to stop..... she slowed down, i was allowed to lay and suck her nice boobs... {nearly made up for it}

then i went soft..... as you do..... i asked her to put her pants back on as her pussy smelt {and i hadnt even gone near it}, she didnt understand English much....

into the punt she said "10 mins left".....  still soft i said "well thats 10 mins i can suck and play with your tits then"

she cut her eyes at me....

29min later I am out of there... no cum... no body to body

this is the LAST  E/E girl unless there is an exceptional young lady who actually wants to earn her money   :scare: :scare:


there is a BUT...... a little mate opened the door, said she was Chris age 19..... now she looked yummy.....

this was her flat mate who came out naked in front of me..... nice body and quite attractive.... should have asked for her


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