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Author Topic: xxx-ashlee-xxx - Stansted  (Read 845 times)

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Offline farquhar


Ashlee had been on my HL for a while, but she was always touring too far away. The pictures on her profile showed her having the perfect body type imho. Anyhow, I saw she was touring Stansted which is just about reachable for me. I really wanted this to be an epic punt and give her a well-earned positive review.

I sent her an email, and she responded quickly with an appointment for the next day. Booking request on AW, which she confirmed by giving me the address of the hotel, and she would call about half an hour before the appointment to give me the room number. Confirmed 1 hour @ £140.

Ashlee was not as petite as I was expecting from the gallery pictures. She has a superb arse! Very shapely, without being too large. She was dressed in a tight grey skirt and a vest top. I should have put in a request, but she looked nice enough. 

Chain hotel

She rang me (from a withheld number) about half an hour before the agreed time, asking if I could delay by 15 minutes. It wasn’t a problem, so I turned up at the hotel at the new time. I received another call, in which she told me the corridors were swarming with housekeeping staff and she would call me when the coast was clear. After about 10 minutes, she called saying they were still there but we could go for it anyway, and finally gave me the room number.

She let me into the room quickly and offered me a drink. After counting the fee, she sat next to me on the bed. OMG, can this girl talk! After about 5 minutes I realised nothing was going to happen if I didn’t make a move. So I started stroking her arm before moving on to her breasts. She still seemed reluctant to do anything, but eventually reciprocated my attempts at kissing her with pecks on the lips. DFK did not seem to be on the cards.

She took off my boxers, and went to work at the little man, and although pleasant to watch her sucking, there was no real enthusiasm on her part.

To my surprise, she asked if I wanted to get inside her so I asked her to go on top for CG. This went on for a few minutes, and then she asked me to get on top for mish. To be fair, this was the best part as I could nibble her tits while moving around in her quite neat pussy. This continued for a while before the inevitable.

I thought time for a rest, but then the talking started again.

As I tried to get back to where we were with some gentle stroking, she went to check the time and told me I have 10 minutes left so we could have a cuddle for the remaining time. I guess she could see the disappointment in my face, so she did make an attempt at getting me hard again, but the moment was lost and I headed to the shower. There were no clean towels or toiletries, so I rinsed myself, and dried myself with a face towel.

Ashlee has had some great commentary on UKP and AW, so I am guessing that she did not like the look of me which would explain my lack lustre experience with her. On reflection I do not think I will be returning. But at least I can put a tick against my HL now.

Really nice arse
Good, firm, natural tits
Excellent communication during booking

Talks way too much during the punt
Not really into wanting to provide me with a service
Too expensive for what I received

Will I see her again?
I’m not sure that I would

10 review(s) found for xxx-ashlee-xxx linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Taggart

Thanks for an honest report. Another black mark for Louise's stable.

Offline SaneOnes

She is one of the older recruits in that group that I am yet to see. I probably should've seen her a few years back when she was a blonde. She is obviously so jaded now that she has to pick and choose who she may like to grace her services with. I had 2 very similar (possibly worse) experiences in my punting career - one of them doesn't work anymore and the other one I have a neutral review of on here who changes her profile name fairly regularly. These types don't give a crap about maintaining a standard. Thanks for the review. Wish you had a better time.

Offline eyeseebee

I think the excessive talking is a tactic of this group. I've experienced it with a couple of them and it's very off putting. Sorry you had a crap one!

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