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Author Topic: Anybody seen Sara Polish Massage in Paddington?  (Read 1867 times)

Offline webpunter

She looks fit.  And one hour B2B @ 80 thus looks good VFM & should keep her busy rather than dusty phone if higher

Offline Clipit

Bumping as I'd like to follow this post......

Rumour is that the photos aren't of the Sara you'll meet but I've met the girl on that number and she has a cute little body and gave me a very enjoyable massage with handjob so it doesn't matter to me. It was a couple of weeks ago and I went for a half hour then later a full hour. No room in the flat for a shower together but it's a nice, discrete place that she takes the effort to make nice - candles, music, clean towels.
This was my first experience since a disappointing effort last year and kept me smiling for days after. It was a shuddering climax and she seemed very into pleasuring me.

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