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Author Topic: Siam Sauna Horton Heath  (Read 729 times)

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A little out of my way but fancied giving it a try as I have a thing for asian girls.
Wasn't worried about location due to time of day. As has been said before the decor is aging but not too grubby to my mind. Paid for an hour, tried the hot tub desipe previous reviewers concerns.
Saw Keke who is an absolute bombshell, everything you could want in a thai girl, she is gorgeous, slim and has beautiful breasts.
She said she was shy, don't know if that's genuine or a 'get out' card for certain things. Had a little fun in the tub then on to the massage. Gentle and relaxing but if your looking to get the knots worked out this isn't the place.
Bit of OW and she is good, tried to 69 but she's quite sensative to it so I just went down on her. Tight and sweet.
Bit of mish (me on top) but I made the rookie mistake of not 'easing the springs' before hand so didn't last long (my god she is tight) and a second go didn't seem to be on the cards and I was so relaxed I wasn't going to push it.
All in all an average punt, nothing too bad but apart from Keke's looks and positive attitude nothing spectacular.
Worth it for £100? Maybe.
Would I go back? Again, maybe (have to find a girl who's a little more confident.

Offline Doormatt

I must have gone in just after you. Sat on chair with her straddling me and asked her what she likes. Well I mumbled it, I had a mouthful of her tit. She is shy. I like what you like. Or something similar. Anyway onto bed. I haven't been sleeping well lately and as I'm tired for some reason that slows  down the baby batter. Licked her out but she avoided being rimmed. she sucked for a bit . We went missionary, doggy, standing rear, spun her round and fucked me standing with her holding on ,arms on my shoulders legs wrapped round my waist, clinging on for dear life. Dropped to the edge of the bed with her on her back and I pounded her. Press up style with feet leaving the ground with every out stroke. Onto cowgirl told her to bite my nipples and chew my ear. Talking filth. Finished uncovered between her beautiful tits. £50 well spent and far from a neutral. If only she'd let me rim her and suck her toes (ticklish). After she walked around in no heels, she's tiny maybe 5 foot and she put her hair up looked up at me and I melted. She is without doubt one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen.

I've heard that Keke is a good punt and a gorgeous girl - might have to take a trip out that way this week and take a look myself :)
Is it worth an hours punt, or just stick with a half hour? Also, is there plenty of parking nearby?

Offline Doormatt

I'd say half hour is plenty. And she is so pretty I'm going back this week. She also returns week commencing 26th sept. One week only

Offline Doormatt

Can park outside or just before /after garage depending on your approach on 'dumpers grove" for free .

No pictures of Keke on the website, but Umi looks pretty too - she might be a worthy alternative if Kekes not available :)

Offline Doormatt

Keke and Michelle this week. They are slow at updating website.

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