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Author Topic: Bbwspankmeamy ( Romford )  (Read 757 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3275459 or https://www.adultwork.com/bbwspankmeamy

Another belated review from me, about 3 months ago I found myself in Romford after seeing a client in the morning. Checked the hotlist, being a young guy Ive always had a thing for older women, Amy ticked my boxed and I thought fuck it, lets bite the bullet.

Gave Amy a call to see if she was free almost immediately, she told me yes and gave me a postcode and told me to call when Im there, perfect, It was literally round the corner.

Turned up and rang her, answered swiftly and gave me directions and a flat number, very easy to find, a 10 minute walk from romford town centre on a road just behind the Eastern avenue.
The flat was in a quiet residential area, nobody there at all, buzzer system to get let in, didnt see a soul while on the way there, very discreet.

Amy works in a flat with another girl, Id say an Early 30s leggy blonde who seemed like a right laugh too, cracking set of legs on her, but more about amy.

Shes your typical BBW essex woman, fun, chatty, bubbly and eager to please, she had a clue what I wanted from a text I sent her, she was up for it, another Mutual masterbation session ( its my thing guys! )

Paperwork sorted and amy layed back on the bed and handed me her toy, I made use of it by slowly working her pussy over alternating between my hand and the toy, she seemed to love it she wanked my cock while I toyed her pussy.
She was getting into it and so was I, her name is spankmeamy so I decided to do just that, any not little love slaps either, some proper full on spanks to her arse, she was very vocal throughout and seemed to really like it.

Heads up to squirt lovers, this girl is a gusher, multiple times too, id only booked her for 15 minutes but she squirted about 5 times, her sheets were literally soaked through, she loves some rough fingering and was ulterly filthy throughout.

Ended the session with her face down arse up on the bed doing my beans over her bum, probably the biggest load ive blew to this day! Amy had a right laugh about it and seemed to really enjoy the session, told me at the end im welcome back.

All round great experience with a genuine mature english bird. Shes fun, chatty, openminded and boy does she get wet
Very discreet flat too

Pros: No clock watching, my 15 minutes most definitely ran over, I promise you that, gave her an extra 10er at the end, not at all asked for or expected.
Friendly a chatty woman
Discreet property
Felt 100% safe the whole time

She smokes so the flat does have a smell of cigarettes there

Would I visit again? Sure would :drinks:

1 review(s) found for emilya sexy linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I'm very tempted to pay her a vist, she sounds fun and I love a squirter but did she look any good?

I'm very tempted to pay her a vist, she sounds fun and I love a squirter but did she look any good?

In all fairness she looked as good as youd expect a 50 year old bird to look, not all that facially attractive in my opinion but her enthusiasm, warmth and friendliness made for a great session! Nice juicy pussy too, soaking throughout and multiple gushing

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