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Author Topic: Cute Jenny - Leeds - £40 15 mins  (Read 773 times)

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A trip into Leeds and I had just under 30 minutes to squeeze in a visit to one of the ladies on my hot list.  Cute Jenny had been getting some press recently, and was very handy.

Quick phone call, only 30 mins before and she was free at the chosen time, very pleasant and friendly on the phone.  I don't like the idea of 15 mins quickies, and although this experience was positive, in future I'll definitely be going for 30 mins at least with a girl.  Still, at least I've tried it now.

Anyway, phoned when I arrived at the postcode (few minutes from station, not far off Wellington Street), talked to the door, given the flat number and straight up. 

As usual just behind the door was Jenny, definitely cute in a pink bra/panties set and black stockings.  Lovely figure, photos accurate and friendly and smiling.  Kiss on the cheek to greet, but that was the last of the kissing, apart from a peck on the cheek as I left - down to the length of the punt I think - plus I never initiated any attempt at kissing.

She led me into the bedroom making small talk (anything planned, how are you, nice chatting generally).  I was almost apologetic about only wanting 15 minutes, assumed it would just be a hand job, she asked if I wanted full sex.  I agreed, a bit taken aback to be honest.  Quick shower to freshen up, back into the bedroom, laid down and she started playing with my cock.  I was reaching for her pussy and she stepped back, stripping off.

On with the condom pretty quickly, I wasn't even rock hard by that point, but again I put it down to 15 minutes.  Anyway, now naked she climbed on in CG, quickly I got a lot harder as she "guided me in".  She leant forward to let me suck on her nipples, very responsive and hard, nice breasts generally, nice movement in CG until eventually I came in the bag.

So off she got, handed me some wipes and I was soon in the shower again having a quick rinse.  Very pleasant 15 minutes and I was on my way into the evening.

In summary, lovely girl and I fully intend to return to experience and explore a longer session when my calendar permits.  I didn't think I'd be comfortable with 15 min quickies, and I was right, not keen on them on reflection, but that's nothing to do with Jenny, she was a delight to be with for a short time.

11 review(s) found for x CUTE JENNY x linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

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