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Author Topic: StarNatalia - Leeds  (Read 1450 times)

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Offline Paul1738


£100 - 1 hour.

Bit of free time came up and StarNatalia normally works outside of my punting windows so took this opportunity to see her. So I fire over a quick email enquiring about availability, got the ok, and a day later I arrive on her street. I call her & get given the final directions. Easy to find, buzzed in and I'm up the stairs to be greeted by a tanned beauty wearing a purple bra, tartan skirt and nothing underneath.

She wraps her arms around me and gives me a deep, wet lingering kiss before being led into the bedroom. Lovely. I put the money down on the table and ask if I can use the toilet & grab a shower. I come out of the toilet to find her striking poses in the mirror asking if I like what I see, in her sexy Russian accent with an amusing Yorkshire twang to it. Too bloody right I do. Showers on and Natalia strips naked in 2 seconds whilst I'm falling about pulling my shoes and socks off not being able to take my eyes off her. I'm an arse man, and boy has she got a cracking behind. In the shower we go for a mutual soaping up where she drops to her knees and gives me a sloppy wet DT blowjob. Plenty of spitting and wanking and takes me in up to the buffers with loads of eye contact. She asks how many times would i like to come. Twice I say. "2 is good" is the reply, "and maybe 3?" I tell her she can try but she'll have to be on form for that. We got out of the shower before drying off and jumping on the bed.

The kissing commenced, really great kisser. More OWO with her knelt between my legs. I suggested a swap so kissed my way down her lovely tanned figure. Great tits with nipples you could hang your coat off. Lovely tasting pussy which I devoured and buried my face in before a 69 was suggested by Natalia. 5 minutes of this and then a condom is applied and she climbs on in CG. Lots of DFK before switching to RCG with lots of squatting, bouncing and grinding facing the mirror and I'm just fucking loving it before coming into the condom. She hops off and cleans me up before suggesting a back massage which I accept and lay on my front where we chat away about all sorts of bollocks.

She can chat that's for sure, we all know that. But she never stopped what she was doing to talk so no complaints from me. 5 minutes or so of this before going into a 69 again. My cock had not even gone soft yet I was that horny. She wanted fucking again and I wasn't gonna say no. Condom applied and into Mish we go for a frantic, sweaty session. Slow, fast, hard, legs wrapped round my arse, 10 to 2, over the shoulders every bloody variant I could think of. Then over into doggy where Natalia pulled out a mini bullet vibe from somewhere to stimulate her clit with. I could feel the vibrations all the time I was thrusting. The sound of her moans, thighs slapping against arse led to another explosive orgasm before collapsing on the bed with my head spinning and the good old jelly legs. Got cleaned up again and straight into another bout of sloppy OWO with no more than a couple of minutes rest. Think she wanted a 3rd lot out of me though, I certainly wasn't gonna refuse trying. Swung her legs over for more 69 and perched her gorgeous pussy on my face and set about devouring my cock with hands, mouth and tongue. 10 minutes of this and she asked if I wanted her to give me a toy show. I said sure and she whipped out a massive dildo about as big as my arm. Few minutes of this then she set about my cock again with her mouth. Time was cracking on and the little fella was flagging with no signs of another pop so I called a halt to proceedings bang on the hour. I was a fucked sweaty mess. We hopped in the shower together again and got washed off. Straight onto her knees again for more oral with the words "just making sure it's clean innit". I had to hold my hands out and hold onto something. No chance of another pop so we got out the shower and dried off. Chatting away about how much she loves her job. I'd of never of guessed... Loads more kissing at the top of the stairs until I peel myself away and make my way, in a haze to the car. I collapse into my car and bunny hop it down the street.

So to sum it up, err, wow. Not once did Natalia lay down at the side of me and take a breather apart from a few minutes at the start kissing. It was a full on, relentless mauling and I loved every minute of it. Personality, looks, enthusiasm is all bang on for me. I'm not one for going back to a girl as there's still so many out there I've yet to see, but I'll definitely be going back to see this Latvian firecracker.

14 review(s) found for starnatalia linked to in above post (13 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline mrfishyfoo

Great review fella.  :drinks: :drinks:

Sounds like she proper assaulted you  :yahoo: :yahoo:

Offline Paul1738

Absolutely. Just how I like it  :D

Offline Paulday

Great review thanks. She sounds right up my street!

Her AW says she's on hols, did she mention to you when she would be back?

Offline Paul1738

No mate she never said when she was back. Only what it says on her profile, end of August.

Offline marlboro20

Would you say she is a dress size 12? 

Offline Tricks

She sounds great. Deffo one for the future

Offline cumtoplay

Never can get hold of her or get a reply. Must be unlucky but one day I'll nail her

Offline Paul1738

Would you say she is a dress size 12?

I'd say she's a 10 up top and a 12 round her arse if that makes sense.

Offline stevedave

I'd say she's a 10 up top and a 12 round her arse if that makes sense.

I'd say that's spot on. Very much an "hourglass" figure, but very nicely in proportion.

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