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Author Topic: Sam of Honey pleasures escort agency Woking/Guildford Surrey  (Read 1095 times)

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Offline Buzby



Attractive girl as per picture

Turned up in a cocktail dress which screamed WG
Wasted time chating even after hints to get started
Doesnt kiss
Just laid there going thro the motions
Finished early and couldnt leave quick enough

Real disappointment will not be booking another. Not sure if she was havig a bad night or if this is the level of service you get as standard.

Cheers, buzby

Offline agent47

Agency girls are usually party girls so what they offer is often limited and they get shit pay. Although i have had the odd one or two that have good. Best to stick to independent girls and do some intelligence gathering on here first. :thumbsup:

Offline Buzby

Thanks  for the advice . much apreciated.

Offline Octigen

The photos of "Sam" on the website are of the pretty well-known glamour model, Jodie Gasson. She's been on Page 3 and everything! She retired to study nursing a couple of years ago, but the web is still packed with photos of her. I've attached one (also used on the escort website with her name clipped from the bottom). Jodie Gasson is English, not Romanian. I'm also pretty sure that she hasn't gone into escorting.

So either a famous model turned up or... is it possible that this negative review has been posted by a rival agency?
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Offline Buzby

Thanks for exposing this "Bait and switch" with your additional information.    :drinks:

Offline Octigen

You're very welcome. I'm just wondering about your comment that she was an "Attractive girl as per picture". Did she look like Jodie Gasson? Your review doesn't mention a bait and switch at all.
« Last Edit: August 27, 2016, 11:47:53 PM by Octigen »

Offline Buzby

I booked her 48hrs in advance and she appeared to be the same as the photo. My error. Your photos clearly show jodi as the model in the photo. Therefore a "bait and switch". QED.
A possible 'one off' bad punt is a actually a bad agency, and well worth avoiding. Thanks for letting me, and the other readers know.

Offline Octigen

If she looked like Jodie Gasson, I doubt they'd have gone to the trouble of using pictures of Jodie Gasson. Jodie Gasson made a living from being sexy and desirable. If you have a girl who looks like that, you can say "She looks like Jodie Gasson" and watch the phone ring itself off the hook.

Clearly there is a bait and switch there. But your post still looks like something other than an honest one. I'm calling you out : liar.

Offline Buzby

Sorry to have upset you.

What am i lying about?

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