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Author Topic: Korean Slut Amy  (Read 2811 times)

Offline Secondskin69

Had a bid on my RB from  https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1647023

Never been with an Asian before, always been on my to-do list. She, to my eyes, seems worth a punt, before I get another potential epic punt fail any observations welcome.
Banning reason: Making pedophile allegations

Offline oinki

Looks good, make sure she doesn't charge u an extra £20 for travel, on top of ur bid. Also see whether you are ok with no facial or cim as this is not offered services.

Offline k

6.50 credits to view her PG for 24 hours.
39.46 credits for a five minute movie.

Plenty of genuine looking feedback, but prices seem high. 

Offline Secondskin69

Well I've accepted her bid so we shall see.....
Banning reason: Making pedophile allegations

Offline Jerboa

A real Korean girl in UK? I wonder....maybe true, or maybe the only thing Korean will be her Samsung Galaxy.  :D

Offline Secondskin69

Banning reason: Making pedophile allegations

Offline k

Had to cancel on her as my trip was cancelled.
Well, you were certainly honest with your feedback.  Very commendable:-

Neutral    secondskin69 (3)    11/02/2013 21:06    Seeking Services
     I had to cancel, but as I never met her I can't say positive. But she was communitive and I'm sure would've been a great punt!

Offline RT_J

Considering as no one on here has seen her yet it seems I thought i'd write on here.
I saw her this year and she is a lovely girl, very beautiful.
Only criticisms are her room is dark and smells strongly of smoke. Her rates are high and she also checks the time a bit which can be quite off putting but her body is really hot, she is genuinely korean and she seems to really enjoy her job and getting fucked.

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