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Author Topic: Busty_Jenny_32 touring in Oxford  (Read 398 times)

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Offline Mathssam

https://www.adultwork.com/1599331 or https://www.adultwork.com/Busty%5FJenny%5F32

Jenny has been quite well reviewed, I read them and thought I'd give it a punt. £70 30 mins

 COMS...  Good. Jenny uses another girl to take the bookings, she explained it was so the phone wasn't going off during the punt and that she hates it when people don't answer their phones. Fair enough, but it was a little unusual during the organisation where I recieved a text from her phone and not her maid, took me a moment to click.

LOCATION.... small self contained flat in north east Oxford. I parked where told to, her block happened to be right in front of where I was parking. Others may want to find parking a little further away and have a short walk.  The flat was clean and immaculate, in fact one of the best interiors I've punted in excluding hotels.

JENNY..... I had guessed she would be older than stated, given the other reports, so was erring on the side of 10 +, which is about right. I'd say she's about 46yo. Looks wise she's ok but not stunning. Body is slim and she's quite tall in her heels which she kept on during the meet. 
 Her boobs are false and quite prominent but not huge. She's German and like many Germans her English is perfect
  She's bonkers, absolutely bonkers.

THE MEET....   So She calls me up. I go in and she's at the top of the stairs quite excited. I had read she was a little manic, but I wasn't prepared.
 Go upstairs and I get a little kiss on the lips and a few compliments which was nice. Straight away she's unbuttoning me. I stop to offer her the money but she says it can wait. Trousers down and she's at it.
 Did I say she was bonkers?
 Jenny does loads of butterfly kisses and little licks all over little Sam, stopping to talk in between telling me that anything is available except for more than one finger in each hole.
 Sucking away and stopping regularly to chat, she tells me to lie on the bed. When she talks it's a little manic, not like she's on coke or anything, it's just her way.
 So I'm lying on the bed and she's side on sucking and licking and I stick one finger in her ass, no problems, it was most tight.

 She moves me to the sofa (lots of moving to and fro) kneels in front of me and head down again.
 Jennys manic-ness leads her to stop and start frequently, I have problems keeping it hard during these breaks and with her chatting it was difficult, plus I was somewhat in shock from the whole crazyness of the punt.

Pretty hard she pops a rubber on and turns around, expecting her foofoo , i'm wrong,  she's straight in with the anal, I hadn't even requested it, laughing crazily she's popping up and down on my cock, I look into the mirror to the side of me and literally motion to myself "what the fuck is happening?"
She then asks me to stand up . I do so expecting her to move to the bed and she just stands in the middle of the room hands on her ankles with me furiously pumping her ass.

She stands up and asks me to lie on the bed. Now between each move the towell comes with us and she lays it underneath, plus with the chatting I go soft again. more owo, I put a finger in her foofoo. I had to check it wasn't her ass, It was the tightest fanny I've ever had a finger in, I seriously thought it was her asshole!
On with rubber, she's crouched down on me and i'm finally in her fanny, few minutes of me pumping from underneath and she has to have a quick break, she's not match fit for sure.
 Back to the bed more owo and i put both a finger in each hole, no complaints. I can verify that she possibly has the tightest chuff i've ever seen. So shes sucking away manically and i'm fingering both her holes. I can see the clock and know i'm over time, explode a load into her mouth, no complaints. She stands up with jizz in her mouth and starts jumping up and down on the spot like an excited child. Bonkers.

OVERALL.... normally too much chatting, stop/starting, no FK etc I would give a clear negative, many of the guys on here may complain I didn't. But Jenny is an experience I've never had before, the whole punt seemed like an enjoyable freaky disjointed reality, it was totally totally bonkers. Crazy in a way i can't even begin to explain. 6 hours later I still keep thinking about it over and over again, which is unheard of for me, mainly trying to get my head around what happened.
Anal , fingering for £70 in Oxford bargain.
True to say she enjoys what she does thoroughly and does her best to make sure you do to.
 Would I return?  Probably, definitely a plan B, or plan A if I wanted to go loco!


12 review(s) found for Busty_Jenny_32 linked to in above post (11 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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